Mobile Time Recording with SAP® Integration

A variety of properties needed to be supervised and the associated activities require an optimal management of time resources and a well and comprehensive generation of all accomplished tasks for the caretakers and facility managers. With the easysquare app working hours and work travels can be recorded mobile, efficiently and locally.

The basis is the integration of SAP® data. The customized maintenance of planned working time as well as evaluations of actual working time, breaks, activities with the appropriate accounting element (e. g. an economic unit) and business trips happen in SAP® tables developed by PROMOS. The SAP® integration allows a depiction of all necessary information, like planned working time, already recorded actual working time and driven kilometers on the app of the mobile device. Even absence like vacation, illness and flextime can be recorded via mobile devices. The digital forms in XML-format allow a company-specific structure, which guides through the acquisition with its catalogs and intuitive calendar view. A multiple selection via catalogs speeds up the input enormously.

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