“How can I help?” – introducing our chatbot

Need to report lost keys, register your dog or commission a repair? Some typical questions come up regularly in customer service. To quickly provide your tenants with information at any time any day of the year, we’re sending our new colleague to lend you a helping hand – our chatbot PROMi. We reveal the advantages of a virtual assistant and let him speak for himself briefly in this article.

»Hello, I’m PROMi. I’m the virtual contact person for all service issues in your tenant app. Regardless of office hours and public holidays, I can answer your current and potential tenants’ frequently asked questions or provide short texts on keywords regarding your customers’ rental situations – from property search to pet registration and damage reporting. I can also carry out the first steps in processing service requests on behalf of my colleagues and create qualified messages that are automatically saved as tickets in the SAP® system.«

Three reasons why PROMi is just what your team needs

PROMi never clocks out: Handling routine tasks eats up valuable resources in the company. A chatbot can remedy this. As a digital assistant, PROMi works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. He patiently receives every customer request regardless of your business hours, answers pre-configured standard questions automatically and prepares further messages in such a way that they can be directly and properly processed. This frees up capacities in your customer service team without lowering the quality of service. Customers obtain quick responses, while your employees no longer have to handle standard inquiries and gain more time for complex issues. The added value is therefore not limited to costs. By shortening waiting times and offering another customer contact point, you increase the quality of your service for your tenants and prospective customers. A win-win for everyone!

Visible customer service around the clock: PROMi thus offers you a communication channel that can be reached 24/7 and is able to answer many questions upon the first contact – without any effort for your employees. Thanks to AI-based technology, the chatbot is intelligent and offers your customers the contact they are accustomed to from conventional messenger services. Messages can easily be entered as a chat, and PROMi is able to conduct an unlimited number of chats at the same time. Both the accessibility and increased convenience reassure your customers and thus ensure a pleasant user experience. PROMi is multifaceted and can boost your responsiveness in various languages. Language barriers are overcome with a multilingual module, for instance. We’re also planning to implement a voicebot for telephone customer service.

Pleasant first contact with PROMi: With an avatar or a virtual identity, you give the previously anonymous contact a unique face. You determine the personality of your chatbot! This allows you to optimally integrate the new access channel into your tenant communications and ensure customer loyalty.

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