Booster for PROMOS Support – the new call processing in Fiori®

Since the beginning of the year, we have received over 5,000 enquiries via our PROMOS support portal. However, more than half of these are not fault reports, but requests for advice. With an extensive revision of our support portal, which is based on SAP Fiori®, our customers can now differentiate between a service and a support request when creating a call. In addition to a completely new level of user-friendliness, additional functionalities are also available.

Our users take advantage of the modern SAP Fiori® tile interface to create, edit and check the status of calls – not only at their PC workstation, but also on their smartphone or tablet. Since 14 September 2023, our customers have been benefiting from improved call processing thanks to new functionalities. The stage is set for the future!

New tiles – distinction between service and support requests

In the past, service and support requests were often mixed together when creating calls. One support request is a fault report, the other is a request for advice concerning a chargeable customisation to individual customer requirements. In an overview document (download as PDF), we have illustrated for you how you can differentiate between the two types of enquiry. Now, when you create your call, you decide whether you have noticed an error in your SAP® system or whether you would like an improvement or customisation. This prevents misunderstandings on both sides and enables requests to be better categorised, which reduces processing times and makes the separation of request types much more transparent in the system.

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