New power for the PROMOS data centre – IBM server replacement imminent

Data centre operation is an important component of our 360 degree portfolio. High-performance hardware is the basis for the reliable and fail-safe operation of our customers' SAP® instances. Our IBM Power servers are therefore about to be replaced. Why is this replacement so important and what are the benefits for our customers?

With the upcoming server replacement, PROMOS is switching to the new POWER10 generation from IBM. Compared to the previous IBM POWER9, the new 10 generation offers far-reaching innovations for greater energy efficiency as well as higher performance. The new IBM P10 series was developed to meet the requirements of customers in the area of hybrid cloud computing. Additional hardware-supported security functions have also been integrated. This results in very specific benefits for our customers.[1]

Increased reliability

IBM and other hardware manufacturers generally specify an average MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) for servers of five years. The Mean Time Between Failure is an important measure of the reliability of systems and calculates the average time a system or component is in operation before a failure. Volker Schulz, Chief Information Officer at PROMOS, explains: “The reliability of our systems is the be-all and end-all for us and our customers. For this reason, we adhere very closely to the MTBF of five years recommended by IBM. In this way, we minimise the likelihood of failures. In addition, the decision to opt for the significantly higher performance POWER10 generation is a strategic precursor for future customer projects.”

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