Customers like talyo. Property Service GmbH are improving the PROMOS DATEV interface

Preparing accounting data from SAP® so that it can be exported to DATEV is the purpose of our DATEV interface, which is in use at many customers. During the introduction of a solution, we often implement customer-specific enhancements or improvements that can also be used for other customers. A whole range of such optimisations have taken place in past projects. One such customer was talyo. Property Services GmbH.

PROMOS DATEV interface – what is its purpose?

To be able to process accounting data from SAP® with the well-known software solution from DATEV, the data needs to be converted to a special format, predefined by DATEV. The PROMOS DATEV interface periodically exports the accounting data from the SAP® system, transforms it into an import format that DATEV can read and maps the source data so that it can be correctly read and processed on DATEV’s side. At first glance, this sounds simple, but given the various different tax codes, methods of calculating tax and a large volume of documents, it can become a real challenge. The special thing about the PROMOS solution is that, after the introduction and adaptation to customer-specific requirements, key users can make important settings themselves in Customising. This significantly simplifies the interplay between the tax advisors on DATEV’s and the customer’s sides.

Greater security in live mode thanks to local test file

If data from SAP® is transferred to DATEV in a live run, this is documented and codified in SAP®. It is not possible to perform another export without manually writing the data back to the system. However, it is not uncommon for tax advisors to find errors in the data format in the export files, for example because a tax was incorrectly retroactively calculated. Creating a local test file can help here. The tax advisor can take an advance look at the data and determine whether anything needs to be adjusted. This saves a great deal of time and effort, especially if there is a lot of document data.

NEW: Application for deleting a completed DATEV export run

If, despite completing a simulation and generating a local test file, the occasional error still occurs, the DATEV interface now offers a fast solution for this, too. A new tile enables a completed export run to be deleted and the system thus returned to its original status.

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