Time savings of 20 per cent thanks to the use of Copilot

The team’s developers have been using easysquare Copilot as a support for several months now. Thanks to artificial intelligence, entire sections of code can be generated automatically. Tobias Koops, Senior Software Developer, estimates that the new solution delivers time savings of up to 20 per cent, which primarily benefits the customer. That’s because developer resources are scarce due to the omnipresent shortage of skilled labour. In this interview, Tobias reveals all about the new technology and reports on how a hackathon will form the basis for a PROMOS AI solution in the area of incoming mail processing.

Editorial team: Hello Tobias, you are a much sought-after PROMOS employee. As a developer, you are responsible for our mobile solutions from easysquare. New requests come in all the time and your team has to pull out all the stops. Despite this, you found the time to talk to us today. Could this be due to the enormous reduction in workload that using Copilot has recently brought you in the development department?

Tobias Koops [laughs]: The answer to that is obvious. Of course, there is still more than enough work for us to do. What is true, however, is that we have become much more efficient in our programming.

Editorial team: You recently indicated to our Managing Director that you can achieve time savings of up to 20 per cent by using Copilot. That’s an incredible figure! Can you explain how this is possible?

Tobias: Of course! Copilot is a kind of coding aid. You can think of it like the automatically generated text suggestions when you type a message on your smartphone. This type of simple auto-complete suggestion of individual words has also been around for some time in programming. The groundbreaking thing about Copilot is that it suggests entire sections of code based on context, exactly matching what I’m looking for. So it’s not just a single word completed or a code structure specified.

Editorial team: Wow! That sounds impressive. Can you explain in more detail how you do this?

Tobias: To write a new section of code, I first start with a comment. This is used to describe what I want to do next in the code. Copilot not only completes the comment, but also suggests a complete section of code that matches my intention. Depending on the content, this is usually around six to eight lines of code. This means that the AI helps me in two respects: Assuming I already know what I want to write, Copilot saves me around 20 to 30 seconds of typing. But the time saved is even greater if I don’t even know how to write a particular section of code. That used to require a lot of online research for me. But with Copilot, it can be done accurately with just a few entries, simply from the context. That’s really amazing for us!

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