The future in the spotlight – IT&I 37 takes a close look at digital trends

The digitalisation of external processes no longer serves purely marketing purposes. Analogue work is simply no longer profitable today. Skilled labour is too scarce and expensive, the cost pressure too high. Martin Henke, Managing Director of talyo Property Services GmbH, got to the root of the problem: “First we did away with paper, then we tackled automation. This is the only way to successfully overcome challenges such as the shortage of skilled workers in the property sector.” he reveals to us in an exclusive interview. Further insights and topics await you in the next IT&I.

Sometimes we have to address habits that we’ve grown fond of head on. Where we used to reach for pen and paper, these days the tool of choice more likely to be an almost reverently maintained Excel spreadsheet. In almost every project, we come across dedicated employees who would still rather maintain the 57th cross-reference or add the 1,523th row to their table than rely on an integrated solution. However, we all know that time is money and that our efforts are required more urgently in other areas than for purely routine, laborious tasks. In most cases, the only thing missing is the impetus to tackle such projects. Sometimes this also requires targeted change management. Based on our wealth of experience, we can attest to the fact that smooth processes and integrated solutions raise the workflow to a new level. However, it becomes even more exciting when our customers report from their own operational practice. And we will let them have their say again in the next IT&I. Today we are providing a brief synopsis.

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