Data this way, please – New possibilities for a quick recording of orders with easysquare and OPSN

Maintenance orders belong to the daily routines of your property managers. But are your employees’ ways of working still up to date? Or do they still use ball pens, digicams and paper? PROMOS shows you how to explore new avenues by using the variety of functionalities of smartphones, tablets and co!

With the easysquare mobile app defects can be reported, orders can be recorded and they can be transmitted to the particular supplier and your SAP® system at the same time. In the course of this, different tasks are processed parallel and certain steps can even be saved. With OPSN we offer an interesting solution, which improves your processes significantly, even for the recording of orders in call centers!

If the property manager receives a report of defects he can look for the particular tenant, property or technical place with the easysquare mobile app and the supported proximity search.  Map functions as well as automatic routing help to arrive at the appropriate place quickly. Having arrived, he doesn’t have to document defects with paper reports and pens like he used to, but rather record this data through the mobile forms on the iPad. The selection of defects can happen through a defect catalogue deposited in SAP®. Additionally, pictures of the particular defects can be taken and integrated into the form. The automated recording of orders still allows automatic finding of suppliers and estimated prices based on historical data. As soon as the manager finishes recording relevant data, he can send the order to the chosen supplier directly from the app. At the same time a report of defects is automatically generated in SAP®. Subsequent editing efforts in the office have dropped completely.

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