Improved Cost Planning with the NetWeaver Business Client – We are Showing you 3 Useful Functions

The annual craze of budgeting in comprehensive Excel files of German companies can be optimized essentially with integrated and IT supported planning solutions. Since the launch of the Enhancement Packages 6 with the NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) SAP offers useful support of planning, controlling and supervision of cost centers in your company.

Cost planning in NWBC is a universal planning, controlling and supervision instrument, from which use every person participating in planning profits from – from the directors of cost centers in a company, who create, process, evaluate, analyze and supervise actual and planned data, to the area manager as well as the executive board, which is supplied of a supervision of cost centers and the generation of planning sessions.

Cost planning with NWBC essentially contains four big application fields, which three of are explained in more detail later:

  • supervision and audit of cost centers and specific accounting processes
  • editing of master data of cost centers, type of performances and further CO objects as well as the creation, editing and analysis of planning data
  • planning, controlling and supervision instrument within cost planning (workflow support in the planning process, planning help and supervision overviews during the planning)
  • generation and evaluation of reports within the controlling
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