How much would you like? Comfortable Overview of all Contract Accounts with the PROMOS Contract Account Sheet

As a landlord you are managing numerous contract and business relations in your company, to private as well as business clients. During the entire term these business processes lead to incidents, which influence your company financially. For the purpose of calling up every account movement within a real estate contract with only few clicks, PROMOS has developed a contract account form for you.

The PROMOS.GT contract account sheet is integrated into the general real estate contract and provides a simple and compressed account overview of the particular contract: It depicts the development of outstanding items to the contractual relationship and provides a fast and flexible handling of all account-relevant data of the creditor or debtor.

The contract account sheet has been designed to be understood and used by not only the contract accountant but also employees of other departments, e. g. customer supervisors, or the contract partner itself, e. g. the tenant.

Beyond that it can be jumped from the contract account form to the most important contract accounting functions, for example

  • the account maintenance,
  • the posting of statements/invoices/credit notes,
  • the branching to the electronic bank statement,
  • into the correspondence,
  • into the dunning history,
  • into the dunning and complaint record and
  • into further contracts of the contract partner.

The contract account sheet is composed of a contract header with information on names, numbers and the current contract balance as well as various detail images, among others the tabs synopsis, outstanding items or deposit account.

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