Useful add-ons for SAP® assets accounting

PROMOS offers an add-on package for assets accounting based on the finance module available in SAP® in order to support the assets accounting of your company and the management of your tangible fixed assets economically reasonable.

PROMOS offers numerous additional functions and add-ons in order to organize your daily work with the SAP® assets accounting more comfortably.

Executing the depreciation run for multiple company codesis a report belonging to the add-on package among others. The SAP® standard only provides the execution of depreciation runs for a single company code. To keep manual efforts low for the user PROMOS provides a report, which allows periodical depreciation runs for multiple accounting codes at the same time.

Analogous to the depreciation run the stock posting run for multiple chosen accounting codes at the touch of a button is possible in a single step thanks to the add-on stock posting for multiple accounting areas. The user profits from the time savings due to bulk maintenance of single process steps here as well.

A further add-on is offered by PROMOS with the functionalityaccount determination override. Normally, the automatic account determination brings great time savings to the SAP® user because the accounts to be posted in the ledger are automatically updated by the system by means of deposited account structures when posting to an asset. Though, in certain cases the automatic account determination in the customizing is insufficient in order to depict accounting processes correctly. In this case the add-on offers the opportunity to override the automatic account determination per chart of accounts, account determination, transaction type and assessment area.

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