Portfolio No.: 2002-01
Subject: Business Partner in RE

PROMOS Business partner management

Seamless management of business partners

PROMOS business partner management is a useful enhancement of the SAP® standard software for professional management and central recording of all a company’s business partners. The PROMOS solution includes tools for automatically prefilling various fields for SAP® business partners and business partner screening, for example to detect duplicate business partners or compare business partners with the anti-terror list. It has also been enhanced with an additional tab, “Where-Used Lists for real estate objects”, which provides the real estate manager or customer advisor with information regarding which real estate contracts are assigned to a business partner, for example.

Automatic prefilling of fields relating to the business partner: This function automatically fills certain fields that cost unnecessary time to maintain. This includes the Language, Correspondence language and Search Term fields.

Enhanced business partner screening: This is an evaluation of the business partner. An extensive selection template is available for the search. If there are redundancies in the data or a match with the anti-terror list is found, the row is highlighted in colour. This allows you to quickly find out whether a business partner has been entered in the system at all.

“Where-Used Lists for real estate objects”: This tab displays all the real estate objects that are assigned to the business partner you called up. A total of four tabs are available: Valid, All, Future, Past.

Der Verwendungsnachweis für Immobilienobjekte und deren zugeordnete Geschäftspartner in der PROMOS Geschäftspartnerverwaltung
The where-used list for real estate objects and their assigned business partners
Umfangreiche Selektionsmaske zur Geschäftspartnerüberprüfung
Extensive selection template for business partner screening

Your benefit

Time savings: Prefilled fields save a significant amount of time when recording a business partner.

Improved ability to provide information: With the aid of the where-used list for real estate objects, the real estate manager can immediately see which other real estate objects are assigned to this business partner.

Optimal checking options: Duplicate business partners reduce the transparency and informative value of the SAP® system. With the aid of PROMOS business partner management, customers recorded in the SAP® System can be checked more easily. You can immediately see whether a business partner already exists in the system under a different address. Just a few entries are sufficient for this.

End user

  • Real estate managers
  • Customer advisers
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable accountants

Technical requirements

  • SAP® ERP 6.0
  • RE-FX
  • SAP® business partner

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