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Subject: COA-/Condominium-/External Management

PROMOS COA Invitation, minutes and decision archive

Clearly document your COA decisions with the PROMOS COA Invitation, minutes and decision archive

According to Section 24 Paragraph 7 of the WEG (German Condominium Act), it is mandatory for the owners to keep a record of decisions. As the condominium owners can make decisions that deviate from the statutory regulations or the content of the declaration of division, these decisions are not added to the land register. Thus, it is necessary to provide seamless documentation for third parties. The invitation to an owners meeting together with the agenda form the basis for the minutes and recording of decisions in COA management.

To support you in correctly recording and documenting your decisions, PROMOS has developed a solution that guides you through the entire process, from invitation and minute of the COA meeting to the decision archive.

A corresponding template can be created for each meeting via the COA mandate. The invitation to a COA meeting is created in a structured manner by means of a managed work template, which nonetheless provides individual scope to formulate the text of the individual agenda items and decision proposals. Using various free-text options or text modules as well as a function for copying from other invitations, the user can quickly and efficiently create printable correspondence with the support of the system. It is also possible to load samples of decision from other COAs.

During the follow-up to the COA meeting, the existing agenda and decision proposals can be used to complete the minutes or transcript. Once approved and signed by the advisory council, the decisions are permanently and seamlessly transferred from the minutes to the statutory decision archive.

This tool also provides you with other options for decision-making, such as circular resolutions. Other relevant decisions for the decision archive, such as court verdicts, are also recorded using this tool.

Einladung, Protokoll und Beschlusssammlung in der WEG-Verwaltung
Invitation, minutes and decision archive in the COA management
Einladung, Protokoll und Beschlusssammlung in der WEG-Verwaltung mit easysquare workflow

 Overview of the PROMOS COA solution for the preparation, performance and follow-up of owner meetings in the easysquare workflow start screen

Your benefit

System integration: Thanks to the PROMOS functions, all the core processes in COA management are now mapped within the SAP® system.

Time savings: Thanks to clever system integration, it is no longer necessary to manually create standard letters using external programs and manually archive documents.

High data quality: The fixed text modules are completed automatically using the current master data from the SAP® system. This helps to ensure fast processing as well as data security and quality.

End user

  • Employees in COA management

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE-FX
  • SAP® COA management

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