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Subject: COA-/Condominium-/External Management

PROMOS COA administration

Correct COA administration in SAP®

With PROMOS COA management, you can map the entire management of residential properties and part ownerships throughout your entire process chain, from a change in ownership and a detailed display of the actual and target reserves to the creation of the overall and individual invoices and economic plans. Strict separation of the assets of the individual condominium owner associations is maintained at all times. Each COA mandate and the dependent real estate objects are mapped in a special company code. The mandate represents an accounting unit below the company code and thus forms the basis for the separation of assets, i.e. it allows separate accounting.

PROMOS COA management provides the following functions and processes:


For the assessment settlement, it is possible to select the tenant service charge settlement or choose between the advance payments made (target or actual).


An overview of the processing status of all properties can be called up at any time. Here, you can trace the completion of individual steps (e.g. “Invitations sent”), monitor the deadlines and create reports.

Decision archive

The decision database enables the manager to save all decisions chronologically and in detail in the system under the mandate and access and print the decision archive at any time. In addition, the decisions recorded can be transferred from the minutes of the meeting to the decision archive in accordance with Section 24 (7) of the German Condominium Act (WEG) using another PROMOS tool. This tool supports the process automatically, from the invitation to the meeting and creation of the minutes to maintenance of the decision archive.

Economic plan

The economic plan, the overall and individual invoices and the presentation of the reserves (target and actual) comply with the current German Federal Supreme Court rulings. Correspondence can be modified individually as required. With the help of the economic plan, you can create several versions for a financial year, adjust individual or multiple cost types with percentage values and make adjustments based on previous years’ values drawn from invoices, economic plans and currently posted values.

Overall and individual invoices

As part of accounting, it is possible to distinguish between the outflow principle in the overall invoice and a consumption-dependent individual invoice (heating costs), create variables for cost types / settlement units with individual participation of flats or different apportionment sizes as well as present the household-related costs in accordance with Section 35a of the German Income Tax Act.

Das PROMOS Rücklagengitter in der WEG-Verwaltung
The PROMOS reserves grid in COA management

Further information

  • PROMOS reserves grid: The reserves grid in COA management allows the straightforward management of reserves. You can run both various reserves accounts (e.g. per sub-community) and multiple investment accounts (e.g. savings accounts) with a reference to the individual reserves.
  • Utilities Cockpit: With the PROMOS utilities process monitoring tool, you can efficiently control and monitor the annual processes of a COA, for example the planned and actual data for the economic plan, the heating costs statement, the annual statement, the document check, the meeting, the maintenance of the decision archive and the sending of the minutes of the meeting.
  • COA decision archive: Maintaining the decision archive in accordance with Section 24 (7) of the German Condominium Act, sending invitations and recording the minutes of the owners’ meeting is a problem-free process with the PROMOS COA management decision archive.

Your benefit

Legally compliant: With PROMOS COA management, you comply with the legal requirements for strict separation of the individual condominium owner associations’ assets.

Integrated mapping: The reserves grid allows you to fully meet the demands to disclose target and actual reserves. It can also be used to map various reserves and investments in the system.

Transparency: On the basis of the reserves grid, the respective target and actual amounts of the reserves can be presented clearly in all correspondence. This can also be done on the basis of condominiums.

End user

  • Employees in COA management

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE-FX
  • SAP® COG management

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