Portfolio No.: 9204-01
Subject: Land Use Management

PROMOS land use management (LUM)

Manage your land use conveniently and flexibly in SAP®

For professional management of your land use,  the SAP® land use management module (LUM) allows you to record valuation-related information regarding your real estate, taking into account the ownership relationships mapped in the land registers. The data on land registers, parcels, notices of assessment, states of joint liability, parcel updates and other public registers maintained in your SAP® system are the basis for effective land use management.

In connection with SAP® RE-FX real estate management, asset accounting and loan accounting, all management, purchasing and sales processes can be mapped. PROMOS enhances the SAP® standard with meaningful reports, such as reporting in the context of the calculation run for real estate value determination.

Geographical information systems

As well as commercial management, it can be useful to display parcels, plots of land or buildings on a geographical map. For this purpose, you have the option to integrate geographical information systems (GIS) via an interface and display parcels on the familiar SAP® interface.

Flexible reports

Extensive property reporting supports you in analysing your real estate holdings. In addition, PROMOS provides a requirements-based report for real estate value determination within your SAP® system. This takes into account specifications from the German Real Estate Valuation Ordinance (ImmoWertV) and the German Valuation Act (BewG). Based on the aforementioned information, revenue and loan values can be calculated. The results of value determinations can be maintained and saved on a time-dependent basis, allowing you to call them up again at any time.

Grundbuch – Detail zu Abteilung 1 in der Liegenschaftsverwaltung
Land register – details for Department 1
Report „Wertermittlung von Immobilien“ - Selektion in der Liegenschaftsverwaltung
“Real estate value determination” report – selection
Infosystem Grundbuch Abteilung 2 und 3 in der Liegenschaftsverwaltung
Land register Departments 2 and 3 info system

Further information

  • PROMOS reports: In addition, further reports for evaluating land registers can be provided, paying special attention to Department 1, Department 2 und Department 3 of the land register in connection with the SAP® RE-FX master data, real estate contracts and loans.

Your benefit

Transparency: All the relevant information for real estate and land use management is mapped in full in the SAP® system.

System integration: PROMOS Land Use Management provides sustainable support for managing your real estate portfolio. The software maps land leases as well as purchases and sales, and allows you to manage all contract relationships taking into account information from public registers (land registers, development plans, site protections, easements, etc.).

Flexibility: With the PROMOS enhancements for land use management, you can perform real estate value determination within the existing SAP® system.

End user

  • Inventory managers
  • Utility companies

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE-FX
  • for value determination the loan accounting and assets accounting should be well-marked

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