Portfolio No.: 9205-01
Subject: Master Data/Contracts

PROMOS room administration

Detailed management of the fixtures and fittings characteristics in your properties

With the room administration functions, you can maintain the fixtures and fittings characteristics of your object master data in the standard SAP® real estate management scope. In this context, PROMOS has developed a useful enhancement that you can use to allocate rooms and fittings and fixtures in detail. In this way, you can determine which fixtures are available in the room in question on an individual basis.

The allocation can be made in two directions. Either you can perform the allocation via the fixtures and fittings characteristics by defining which fixtures are to be allocated to which room, or you can perform the allocation based on the room to specify which fixtures are in a room.

A validation when saving the fixtures prevents or informs you that a room allocation is missing.

A customer-specific table is used to define which fixtures can generally be allocated to a room; for example, to what extent an apartment has doors, windows, floor coverings, radiators, plug sockets, interior equipment, etc.

Of course, you can also allocate the fittings and fixtures to the rooms in a clear report.

Ausstattungsmerkmale zum Raum in der PROMOS Raumverwaltung
Fixtures and fittings characteristics for the room

Further information

  • Mass maintenance for allocating the rooms to individual fixtures is currently being implemented.

Your benefit

Data quality: PROMOS room administration allows you to allocate the fixtures and fittings characteristics to the rooms in detail.

Mobility: The detailed maintenance of the fittings and fixtures can be supported and enhanced meaningfully through the mobile residential property inspection.

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End user

  • Inventory managers

Technical requirements

  • SAP® ERP 6.0
  • RE-FX

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