Portfolio No.: 2002-02
Subject: Business Partner in RE

PROMOS Sanctions List Check

Be on the safe side – check business contacts automatically and with ease

Following the introduction of various immediately valid directives by the European Community to counter terrorism, all companies within the European Union are required to make internal provisions to ensure that business contacts to blocked people, organisations, associations and companies are neither developed nor maintained. For this purpose, the European directives include sanctions or anti-terror lists that specifically state with which organisations and persons it is forbidden to maintain business contacts.

All companies – and this includes housing companies – are thus obligated to implement corresponding control measures within their business processes. Although this check is often extremely time-consuming in practice, companies should perform a short, conscientious check and not take the risk of potential sanctions or financial penalties. For this purpose, PROMOS has developed the Sanctions List Check product, which allows a check of the entire partner inventory against regularly updated sanctions lists.

Once it is configured, the PROMOS Sanctions List Check – also known as the Anti-Terror List (ATL) – is run using the transaction /PROREX/ATL and contains two different solution methods for implementing the checking obligations.

Firstly, the user can call up the relevant business partner using the individual case check and compare this partner to the sanctions lists for a possible match. The user then receives a list of hits in response to the query. This check is automatically logged and is permanently available in the SAP® system as evidence.

The second option is to regularly check the entire business partner inventory against the sanctions lists in the scope of a spot check; to do so, an automatic job is scheduled at administrative level. As a result of this job, the user receives what is known as a spool request (print request). After selecting spool requests within a certain period, the user clicks on the spool number to be taken to the relevant results list. Here, too, it is possible to jump to the business partner by clicking on the business partner number. The Check ID and Comment columns can be used to manually label an entry as checked and save a comment on the check. Clicking on the Save button permanently saves the check notes or changes to the check notes for the business partner.

The search list of the PROMOS Sanctions List Check shows the check notes.

Search results log with possible matches.

Further information

  • Sanctions lists: In accordance with Directives 2580/2001 and 881/2002, the PROMOS solution compares your business partner data with the EU and UN sanctions lists.
  • Customising: The nature of the basic population to be checked can be defined individually, meaning you can perform a random sample check of all business partners with a specific role, for example all tenants, potential tenants, etc. Phonetic search criteria can also be defined.
  • Layout: The output of an individually defined layout in the results lists can be saved and then selected when checking the business partners.

Your benefit

Legal compliance: With the PROMOS Sanctions List Check, you meet the requirements of the European legislator regarding terrorism prevention with little effort.

Convenience: The PROMOS solution gives you a convenient method for checking your business partners in your SAP® system and logs your check history fully automatically as evidence for third parties.

Automation: A manual check is no longer necessary, particularly for long lists of names and large data inventories, which makes the work process significantly easier.

End user

  • Administrators in business partner management
  • Accountants
  • Customer advisors

Technical requirements

  • SAP®
  • Central business partners

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