Portfolio No.: 9207-03
Subject: Rent Calculation

PROMOS Reporting rent cost estimates

Generate reports for rent cost estimates in SAP® conveniently and promptly

There are a range of reports in the area of rent adjustment. Some of them are contained in SAP® as standard, while others have been specially developed by PROMOS through its many years of experiences in real estate management. In these reports, data is prepared and combined, which would otherwise have to be compiled manually from various standard reports. This significantly enhances the reporting spectrum in RE-FX.

One example is the overview of rental condition changes. This report allows changes to the conditions to be categorised by rental object and/or contract, analysed taking into account reasons for the change, and presented in a clear manner.

The PROMOS Reporting rent cost estimates provides the following reports in detail as a bundle:

PROMO developments:

  • PROMOS rental condition changes overview
  • PROMOS conditions for rental objects and contracts information system
  • PROMOS fittings and fixtures information system
  • PROMOS report regarding rent forecasts

SAP standard reports:

  • Adjustment history for contracts
  • Adjustment history for rental objects
  • Info System: Rental Objects (basic data from rent index)
  • Info System: Contracts (e.g.  contract terms, social charter indicator)
  • Info System: Conditions for Contracts (difference from re-rental) Adjustments to contracts (including evaluation of rent adjustment runs)
Ausschnitt Konditionsveränderungsübersicht im Reporting zur Mietkalkulation
Extract from the rental condition changes overview

Further information

Mass maintenance tools can also be used for the evaluation:

  • Delete/set adjustment locks in bulk on a time-dependent basis
  • PROMOS mass maintenance of fixtures and fittings characteristics
  • PROMOS mass maintenance of adjustment locks
  • PROMOS mass maintenance of rental objects
  • PROMOS conditions for the rental object and contract (including allocation of a comparative group of apartments)

Your benefit

Time savings: With the PROMOS reports for rent cost estimates, you simplify your work and analysis processes considerably.

Increased quality: At the same time, you reduce the effort required for coordination, decrease errors and thus increase the quality of your data and reports.

Cost savings: As manual activities are eliminated, you also reduce your costs.

End user

  • Employees from the rent cost estimates field

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE-FX
  • lease-out management
  • automated rent review

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