Portfolio No.: 9207-04
Subject: Contract Accounting

PROMOS Reporting for contract accounting / receivables management

Keep all contract data firmly under control with reporting for contract accounting and receivables management

PROMOS Reporting contains a range of reports for contract accounting and receivables management in which you can prepare and combine data that would otherwise have to be compiled manually from various SAP® standard reports. This significantly enhances the SAP® standard reporting spectrum in RE-FX.

The PROMOS Reporting package for contract accounting and receivables management provides the following reports in detail:

Contract accounting

  • PROMOS account balances for customers
  • PROMOS debit position record report
  • PROMOS transaction types report
  • PROMOS special G/L indicator (SHBK) report
  • PROMOS condition/account assignment report
  • PROMOS contract posting term report
  • PROMOS contract posting term + bank report  
  • PROMOS contract frequency term report
  • PROMOS organisation assignment contract term report
  • PROMOS customising for one-off postings report

Receivables management

  • PROMOS dunning history
  • PROMOS dunning locks report
  • PROMOS dunning and case record report (Provided that the PROMOS contract account sheet is used with dunning and case record)
Ergebnisliste Auswertung Saldenliste für Debitoren

Results list for account balances for customers report

Ergebnisliste Auswertung Bewegungsarten
Results list for transaction types report
Ergebnisliste Auswertung Konditionen / Kontenfindung
Results list for condition/account assignment report
Ergebnisliste Auswertung Customizing einmalige Buchungen
Results list for customising for one-off postings report
Ergebnisliste Auswertung Mahn- und Klageakte
Results list for dunning and case record report
Ergebnisliste Auswertung Vertrag - Buchungsklausel + Bank

Results list for contract posting term + bank report

Further information

PROMOS Reporting are an optimized addition to the SAP® standard reports. As part of PROMOS.GT, they also contain comprehensive information on other functions in PROMOS.GT, such as the contract account sheet with integrated dunning and case record, the installment payment process and the activities as well as resubmissions.

Your benefit

Time savings: With the PROMOS reports you receive reports on contract accounting and receivables management for your daily work at the press of a button.

Industry-focused: PROMOS Reporting is a market-oriented solution that enhances and further optimises the SAP® standard software. It provides a range of reports that were designed with the real estate business in mind.

End user

  • Rental accountants
  • Receivables managers
  • Customer advisors

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE-FX

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