Portfolio No.: 9212-01
Subject: Contract Accounting

PROMOS mass entry for incoming payments

Convenient mass entry of incoming payments

If payments are made for a number of contracts via a single transfer, the total amount then needs to be distributed to the individual contracts manually. This can for example be the case if the German Federal Employment Agency settles several lease-outs with a single transfer. With the PROMOS mass entry tool for incoming payments, you can post the individual amounts conveniently in a single step.

The PROMOS function “Manual incoming payment for contract without compensation” allows the rapid entry of manual incoming payments for one or several lease-outs. Only the key information is required, such as the posting date, the contract number and the amount. If necessary, after entering the contract number, you can use open items or contract conditions based on a key date to prefill the amount posted. The payment is posted without compensation, allowing rapid, uncomplicated processing of incoming payments. This can for example, be beneficial in that it means there is no need to form residual items before posting.

In addition, this feature allows payments to be posted for several lease-outs simultaneously, for example if agencies such as the German Federal Employment Agency perform a collective transfer for several contracts and this needs to be allocated for each contract.

The software includes a check to ensure that the amounts to be posted correspond with the partial amounts allocated. This tool can also be used to make a collective payment to several contracts and ensure that the total amount is plausible.

Erfassungsmaske Massenerfassung von Zahlungseingängen
Entry screen for the mass entry of incoming payments

Further information

  • Integration into contact data: The feature is integrated into the PROMOS contract account sheet. If you call up the function from there, the contract and partner data for the contract in question is prefilled automatically. If a tenant has multiple contracts, this can be determined automatically on the basis of the debtor number, allowing allocation of the amount to several contracts.

Your benefit

Time savings: The function provides an entry dialog for the simple and rapid posting of the payment receipt for the contract without obligatory compensation.

Data integration: Callup via the PROMOS contract account sheet preloads the contract and partner data, meaning the user does not have to enter this data.

Convenience: The feature provides a contract determination feature for a business partner with several rental agreements. In the event that a gross payment is made for several tenants, the function allows allocation of the totals to the corresponding contracts and also provides amount verification.

End user

  • Rental accountants

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE-FX

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