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PROMOS energy performance certificate

Precisely record key energy data for your buildings with the PROMOS energy performance certificate

According to the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV), an energy performance certificate must be issued when constructing, modifying or extending buildings. For existing buildings that already comply with the German Ordinance on Thermal Insulation (Wärmeschutzverordnung) of 1 November 1977, the energy performance certificates can also be issued on the basis of the measured energy consumption.

As well as the standard option of saving scanned-in energy performance certificates as an attachment to the building in SAP® RE-FX, PROMOS provides the simple and convenient option of saving key data from the energy performance certificate on a separate “Energy performance certificate” tab, thus allowing it to be analysed.

Generally, energy performance certificates for existing buildings can be issued either based on the calculated energy requirement or the measured energy consumption.

By selecting one of the two bases, you can record the required values:

Calculated energy requirement

If you select “Calculated energy requirement” as the basis, the final and primary energy requirement can be recorded.

Measured energy consumption

If you select “Measured energy consumption” as the basis, consumption values are recorded.

The following catalogue selection fields can be configured in the customising area to configure the individual data fields:

  • Reason the certificate was issued
  • Energy sources
  • Type of ventilation
  • Compatible units

For each type of building and depending on the selected basis (measured energy consumption or calculated energy requirement), you have the option to create explanations for the users by means of text modules. These are displayed on the “Explanations” tab.

Energieausweis: Erfasster Energieverbrauch in SAP

Energy performance certificate: measured energy consumption

Further information

  • Extensive reporting options: Specific data from energy performance certificates is not simply saved as a graphic but can be entered directly, creating the ideal conditions to run reports based on this data. For example, in this way you can determine whether energy performance certificates have been recorded for all buildings or compare the relevant values of energy performance certificates.

Your benefit

Legally compliant: With the PROMOS solution, you can record the energy performance certificates for your buildings in compliance with the law.

Transparency: Key data from the energy performance certificate for a building is clearly recorded on a separate tab.

Time savings: Based on the recorded data from the energy performance certificates, you can create reports at the press of a button, for example to check for completeness.

End user

  • Customer advisors for the area of master data

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE-FX

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