Portfolio No.: 8203-02
Subject: Contract Management

easysquare potential tenant app

Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork in your service centre and sensitive data in your emails – keep all your data and important functions together and clearly organised

The easysquare potential tenant app offers potential tenants the opportunity to search among all the company’s available units and send enquiries about specific listings to the company. Potential tenants can set up their own profiles and even upload documents related to the rental agreement ahead of time. Once the landlord and potential tenants have been connected on the easysquare platform, communication can be seamlessly conducted in the potential tenant app and within the rental app. This helps avoid media discontinuity in Outlook and constant back-and-forth phone calls when arranging apartment viewings, for instance. When potential tenants become actual tenants, they can also use the tenant services such as “Contracts”, “Defect report” and “Service”.

The app allows potential tenants to search for appropriate rental objects, save customised search criteria, and receive notifications when new listings for corresponding rental objects go online. Potential tenants can enquire about vacant rental objects and are always up-to-date thanks to the automated customer communication in the rental app.

These enquiries can be processed in a structured manner as “Online enquiries” in the owner app. Once potential tenants have expressed concrete interest, the landlord can enter them in the owner app.

All data on the potential tenant and their searches and attached documents can be automatically transferred – when legally permissible – into the owner app. The online enquiry is then saved to the potential tenant information as a request. Additionally, an extended request can be automatically created and saved. Potential tenants can then be offered vacant rental objects that correspond to the criteria of the requested object. The logic for creating the request can be tailored to each individual potential tenant.

Rental objects / apartments / properties can be sorted using personal search criteria in the “Real estate search” service. The potential tenant/user receives the search results as a list. Potential tenants can also view the locations of all units in their search results on a map.

Search queries can be saved and are then available in the “Saved searches” service. To provide a better overview, the search queries are automatically labelled with the most important search criteria. When new results appear for a saved search, potential tenants receive notifications via email and in the app.

Potential tenants can enter and edit all their data relating to contracts in the “My Data” service. This allows potential tenants to manage their own accounts and data with ease.

Potential tenants can enquire about vacant properties and communicate with owners via the app.

Nachrichtenfunktion in der easysquare Interessenten-App

Apartment viewings made easy: quick and direct communication via chat.

Your benefit

Time and cost savings: Transferring self-service tasks to the prospective tenants saves valuable resources and leads to quantifiable process improvements.

Intelligent networking: Easysquare networks all those involved and can be seamlessly linked to other services.

Transparent processes: Traceable process sequences generate trust with potential tenants. There is no longer a need for repeated enquiries.

Reduction in media interruptions: Media interruptions due to communication via various media, such as phone, e-mail or letter, now become a thing of the past. This saves valuable time.

Ready-to-use SAP® integration: To ensure optimal connection of the prospective tenant app on the easysquare platform with your SAP® system, PROMOS provides you with the ready-to-use plug-in solution easysquare workflow.

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End user

  • Potential tenants
  • Landlords

Technical requirements

  • easysquare App for tenants and potential tenants
  • with SAP® integration: linkage between SAP® systems and the easysquare platform (SAP NetWeaver®) with https and data transfer via OpenPromos® Supply Link
  • with Non-SAP® integration: linkage between Non-SAP® systems and the easysquare platform (SAP NetWeaver®) with https and via the easysquare REST API

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