Portfolio No.: 9216-01
Subject: Contract Accounting

PROMOS OI clearing with residual item creation

Automatic clearing of open items with residual item creation in SAP®

In the SAP® standard system, open receivables are only offset with the relevant payables or payments when the balance of the overall contract or the balance according to the selection criteria available in the SAP® standard system is zero. If the customer pays an amount that is too low or too high, this payment must be manually assigned to the open receivables and residual items created.

Using the PROMOS OI clearing with residual item creation, it is possible to process this automatically and on a large scale by means of a periodically executed report based on previously defined posting rules.

With the help of the PROMOS solution, you can perform automatic clearance with residual item creation for lease-outs. Individual customising is used to set, on a customer-specific basis, which items are to be cleared in which order. In this way, special transaction type groups are defined, and these groups are assigned to transaction types of the items to be cleared.

Through the type of item, every transaction type is defined as a receivable or a payment. Credits can also be defined as receivables. The report clears items based on existing payments by grouping all the items in a group and creating totals for each group. The total of the payments groups is then cleared using the totals per receivables group until the total of the payment has been fully allocated or used up. All items in the receivables group are cleared at all times. There is no sequence within the group. The residual item is created on the basis of the group cleared, which is why it always inherits the transaction type of the transaction type group.

Ergebnisliste zum Ausgleich offener Posten

Results list for automatic OI clearing

Selektionsmaske zum Ausgleich offener Posten
Selection screen

Your benefit

Time savings: Using the automatic clearing report for lease-outs, account maintenance in rental accounting can be performed fully automatically, meaning you save a significant amount of work time.

End user

  • Rental accountants

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE-FX
  • Lease-outs for occupied objects with customer accounts

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