Portfolio No.: 9219-01
Subject: Rent Calculation

PROMOS capping tool for rent adjustment

The PROMOS capping tool to set freely selectable limits when adjusting rental conditions

Whether based on the rent index, a comparative group of apartments, the cost efficiency analysis or due to constructional measures and modernisation, the PROMOS capping tool supports all standard procedures for rent adjustment and caps the rent calculated in the standard rent adjustment procedure as required. Within the adjustment run, the limits are considered individually for each rental object and/or contract. The freely selectable limits are maintained before the adjustment run is performed, which is why our customers refer to it as the “preceding tool”.

Calculated rent adjustments for all standard adjustment methods can be capped individually for each rental object and/or contract using the PROMOS capping tool. Minimum and maximum values can be defined for the selected objects and/or contracts. Percentage values and/or fixed adjustment amounts can be used for this. In addition, absolute condition amounts can be entered that are to be taken into account during an adjustment run. Here, each object can have different limit parameters.

Generally, the PROMOS capping tool can be used for every adjustment method. For example, if a maximum increase amount of two percent is defined and the value that is calculated in accordance with the adjustment rule is greater than the upper limit compared with the old condition value, the adjustment is made to only this two percent of the upper limit. Maximum increase amounts per measurement (e.g. m²) or absolute maximum increase amounts (e.g. a max. increase of €10.00) can also be maintained.

Mit einem Häkchen in der Checkbox wird die Spalte „Immobilienschlüssel“ sichtbar im PROMOS Kappungstool
The “Real estate key” column is shown by placing a check in the checkbox
PROMOS Kappungstool mit unterschiedlichen Begrenzungen
Capping tool with different limits

Further information

  • Selection: All the familiar selection, sorting and filter options are available in the capping tool.
  • Copy function: There is also a copy function and various other input functions, for example to duplicate rows.
  • Direct access: If the limit data was included and you press the Execute button, you can switch directly to the SAP® standard transaction “Specify adjustment”. The selection (contracts and/or rental objects) from the capping tool is retained. Here, you can now select the required rent adjustment method and simulate or perform the adjustment with the selected capping parameters.

Your benefit

Flexibility: Implement individual rent adjustments taking into account additional freely selectable caps and specifying the adjustment amount per rental unit or lease-out.

Save time and reduce your workload: With the PROMOS capping tool, you reduce the required time and workload. All you need for the entire adjustment run is an adjustment ID. The adjustment can also include various capping modalities. You also decrease the effort required for coordination in a sustainable manner.

Clarity: Record complex and special rent index data with ease (important when using several rent indexes).

End user

  • Employees from the rent calculation field

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE-FX
  • Lease-out management
  • Use of automated rent review process 

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