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Seamless, GDPR-compliant integration of SCHUFA queries with the PROMOS SCHUFA interface

Tenants and landlords are familiar with the situation: when looking for an apartment, you’ll be asked sooner or later to prove to the landlord that you’re able to pay. Trust alone is simply not enough. SCHUFA offers housing companies various information services so that they can objectively assess the creditworthiness of potential tenants. Those who previously had to request SCHUFA credit reports via an additional online portal can shorten this process considerably in future.

Thanks to the one-of-a-kind PROMOS SCHUFA interface for SAP®, it is possible to initiate SCHUFA queries directly from the leading SAP® system for both the B2C and B2B areas – including seamless integration and useful new functions. PROMOS offers an easy way to integrate professional decision management into your business processes quickly and cost-effectively: the SCHUFA Credit Bureau Interface (CBI). The CBI module integrates useful services, such as scoring services, directly into your processes via a future-proof, XML-based connection.

The PROMOS SCHUFA interface is the perfect solution for enabling housing companies to request information from SCHUFA within their familiar SAP® environment.

Functionality and structure of the solution

A credit report for business partners in SAP® can easily be obtained via certain roles in transaction BP (central business partner) or by jumping out of the transaction in the real estate contract. A separate “SCHUFA” tab is provided in the business partner for this purpose.

As you know from other applications in SAP®, the header data is located in the upper part of the tab. This is where, among other things, you can request a new credit report for prospective tenants, and the detailed information is located in the lower area. In addition, icons at the bottom of the application indicate whether the user has read and/or write authorisations. The current status of the SCHUFA credit report is also displayed here.

Possible applications

The PROMOS SCHUFA interface can be used in many ways. Beyond credit reports, it simplifies a variety of query processes – from correction requests to deletions, address updates and collection reports. When you confirm a request in your SAP® system, the billable request is sent to SCHUFA. All requests are displayed in a clear summary.

Requests can also be sent regarding unknown persons who have not necessarily been entered as business partners, such as potential tenants for apartments. You can also choose from various functions, such as creating a new business partner for the SCHUFA request, assigning the request to an existing business partner or automatically correcting the master data of an existing business partner. This prevents the SAP® business partner management from being filled with high numbers of potential tenants. .

Integration von Schufa-Anfragen in SAP mit der PROMOS Schufa-Schnittstelle

All SCHUFA requests and detailed information in SAP® business partner administration are made available on a separate “SCHUFA” tab – provided the user has the corresponding read and/or write authorisations.

Further information

  • Evaluation: A convenient report is available within the application for evaluating all submitted SCHUFA requests to guarantee compliance with the deletion requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), provided that there are no applicable legal retention obligations.
  • easysquare rentals: Customers using the easysquare rentals solution can also benefit from seamless integration of their SCHUFA requests and credit reports with a separate interface to the easysquare platform.

Your benefit

Efficiency through system integration: The seamless integration of SCHUFA requests into the SAP® system eliminates the need for additional applications and work steps involving manual requests via separate communication platforms. It is no longer necessary to leave the familiar SAP® environment.

Time savings: With the PROMOS SCHUFA interface, requests can be triggered at the touch of a button. You no longer need to manually transfer information from separate correspondence to the system, because the data is already available automatically.

Transparency: Insight into the current SCHUFA status grants administrators considerable transparency in the professional processing and decision-making process.

End user

  • Rental administrators

Technical requirements

  • RE-FX
  • SAP® business partner

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