Portfolio No.: 9220-01
Subject: Rent Calculation

PROMOS forecasting tool for rent adjustments

The PROMOS forecasting tool for simulating future/missed rent adjustments in SAP®

With the PROMOS forecasting tool, you can simplify and accelerate the administrative performance of your rent adjustments. Rent index changes can be maintained using simple templates, and even complex and specific rent indexes can be saved with a reference to all real estate master data.

The forecasting tool for rent adjustments allows potential rent increases and rent increases that have not been carried out to be determined. In addition, the forecasting tool can determine the local average rent for comparable properties (based on the rent index and comparative groups of properties) and, if required, save this in additional fields for the rental object. The adjustment methods “index-based rents”, “rent index” (the assessment is established as a rent index) and “comparative group of properties” are taken into account here. A meaningful and clear list of results and a simulation of the cash flow are provided.

The enhanced PROMOS forecasting tool provides rent forecasts for selected contracts. Various functions are available to the user here:

Among other things, it can be used to determine potential rent increases (without regard for the adjustment locks if required), detect increases that were not carried out, for example because the master data is incorrect or the annual waiting period comes into play, and display adjustments that either cannot be carried out or are locked. It displays adjustments that have already been carried out and for which only activation is still outstanding. In addition, the forecasting tool allows you to determine the rent index adjustments on the basis of increase adjustments maintained manually (by a certain percentage each year) as well as the local average rent for comparable properties based on the rent index for a certain surface area. If you would like to create a statement regarding how much a flat is worth in accordance with a comparative group of properties, you can determine the upper limit for a rent increase on the basis of a comparative group of properties for a certain surface area. In the background, the system for example detects that three comparable flats are allocated to a specific flat and that the most reasonably priced of these has a certain specific amount. This is then the maximum amount by which that you can increase the rent, and it functions as a kind of comparable rent for the local area.

The corresponding results can be mapped as a log, a forecast list or a simulated cash flow. The logs or the rent forecast lists are given a unique ID and can be permanently saved in the system or deleted. Any additional fields established at the level of the rental object can be configured on a user-specific basis. This means that only a certain group of people can change this data.

The rent forecast is currently available for the adjustment methods “index-linked rent” and “rent index”. The enhancement for the “Comparative Apartment” method is now available in PROMOS.GT.

Ausschnitt einer Prognoseliste im PROMOS Prognosetool
Extract from a forecast list

Further information

The results list allows you to display extensive information, such as:

  • Method-specific parameters, such as maximum, minimum and mean values for the rent index, data relating to the rent index (location class, building age class, size class, etc.) as well as points from the last index adjustment
  • Determination of the local average rent for comparable properties based on a group of comparable properties with a certain surface area
  • Assignment of the employees responsible (can be adjusted on a customer-specific basis)

Your benefit

Simulations: Rent index increases can be run as planning games with extensive forecasting options.

Planning security: The PROMOS forecasting tool allows you to plan rent adjustments that are to be carried out or have been missed over a time period that you can define yourself.

Efficiency through automation: The forecasting tool is also an effective tool for mass processing and for determining and recording the local average rent for comparable properties without having to execute separate conditions, adjustment clauses and adjustments at rental object level.

Transparency: You can identify the exploitation potential for your objects in just a few clicks.

End user

  • Employees from the rent calculation field
  • Employees in controlling

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE-FX

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