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Subject: Deposit Management

PROMOS deposit management

Manage deposit contracts securely and transparently

The administration of rental collateral is linked to a number of legal specifications. For example, the law limits the maximum amount of a security deposit, the tenant must be permitted to pay in installments on request and the law also prescribes that the security deposit must earn interest. Rental collateral includes not only the common cash deposit, but also pledges, assignments of collateral, guarantees of payment and security deposit policies.

To allow you to comply with all of these regulations easily while assuring the tenant that you will deal with payments in a trustworthy and transparent manner, we have developed PROMOS deposit management for you. This is integrated into SAP®’s contract management and allows you to map all types of deposits in full. A separate deposit contract is created in SAP®, which contains all the information regarding the deposit agreement, such as the deposit type and deposit location as well as the agreed and paid installments. The functions range from those that are purely informative in character to the automatic calculation of the target deposit and management of the interest calculations, incoming payments and pay-outs.

PROMOS deposit management enables both cash and non-cash deposit agreements to be mapped. A deposit agreement is mapped via its own deposit contract and is linked to a lease-out, thus securing it. The deposit inherits the term of the secured lease-out. Several deposit agreements can be managed for a single lease-out. Regardless of the type of deposit, the contract partners can be allocated on the “Partner” tab. The contract partners from the lease-out appear automatically, but other contract partners, collateral providers or guarantors can also be maintained. PROMOS deposit management is not tied to any particular bank and also provides extensive reporting options.

Non-cash deposits

Non-cash deposits such as savings books or guarantees are purely informative in character. All the available deposit data, such as the storage location, agreed deposit amount or the date the deposit was paid in, are saved in the deposit agreement for the real estate contract. The administrator in question can access all the information at any time.

Cash deposits

A range of functions are available for managing cash deposits. As well as maintenance of the deposit data and automatic calculation or, if necessary, manual configuration of the target deposit, you can use the “Deposit operations” tab to trigger the relevant postings; for example, partial or full pay-outs, retentions or transfer postings within the existing security deposit. All postings made as well as the open items are presented clearly by means of the integrated contract account sheet. The deposits reports are displayed in a list that shows the status of the individual deposit agreements. In addition, exemption requests can be maintained and interest calculations and pay-outs performed in bulk or individually.

Übersicht Kautionsverträge in der PROMOS Kautionsverwaltung
Overview of a deposit contract

Auswertung der Kautionswerte in der PROMOS Kautionsverwaltung
Deposit contracts report

Further information

Other functions for managing cash deposits

  • Recording of installment payment agreements, move-ins and pay-outs
  • Integration of the electronic bank statement
  • Retention of deposits
  • Interest calculation and printing of the interest calculation via smart forms
  • Mass billing (in the event of sales)
  • Various evaluations and reports

Your benefit

High degree of transparency: Thanks to clear presentation of the account transactions and the option to track the current status, you can manage the deposits in a manner that is clear for the tenants.

Independence: PROMOS deposit management is not tied to the company’s house bank.

Time savings: Full integration into your SAP® System, automated calculation of the security deposit and interest as well as the numerous pay-out options save valuable time resources.

Tenant satisfaction: A smooth, error-free workflow for processing incoming deposit payments and deposit pay-outs increases tenant satisfaction considerably.

End user

  • Customer advisors
  • Deposit accountants

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE-FX

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