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easysquare consumption billing

Simple billing of consumption costs for your properties in accordance with the German Heating Costs Ordinance (HKVO), VDI 2077 and the German Operating Costs Ordinance (BetrKV)

Consumption billing for heating and water is often time-consuming and frustrating. If you want to avoid information loss and additional expenses, you should consider the step to independent billing. In this way, you can benefit from improved transparency and quality in billing as well as a reduction in your billing costs. At the same time, you can ensure error-free billing in a more user-friendly and reliable manner, while improving the service for your tenants.

In implementing easysquare consumption billing (EXAD 2.0), you gain a powerful and easy-to-use tool that can be seamlessly integrated into your SAP® system landscape. It can also be combined with process optimisation features in order to completely digitise the independent billing process and really make the work of your employees easier.

The easysquare consumption billing (EXAD 2.0) is a highly integrative software for company-specific billing that offers various useful features:

Data management

A process-specific entry wizard makes it much easier to enter master and transaction data – from the property to the device and the meter reading value. Linking the housing industry structure from the ERP system together with the technical view of the field level allows end-to-end processes, from the operating cost statement right through to a change of mobile device.

Modular checking procedures

To ensure that everything is working correctly, you can check master and transaction data for errors and inconsistencies. Modular analysis methods are available for each process step. In addition, the error check also lists plausibility problems, for example indicating a major deviation in consumption compared to the previous year. Transaction data such as meter reading values, consumption and costs can be compared. The results can thus be prepared to meet your individual needs.


After data maintenance and the successful plausibility check, it’s time to create the bill itself – which is of course automated and subsequently integrated into the ERP system. Together with the cost statement, the solution also directly generates letters, which can be accessed in PDF format.

Mobile data entry

Using the easysquare professional app, mobile device data entry, including integration into the ERP system, is fast, efficient and seamless. Service providers and fitters can also be coordinated digitally. The feedback to the company is provided straight after mobile order processing on site, with no loss of information. This results in perfect interaction that completely dispenses with paper notes and pens, not to mention the associated massive effort involved in data collection or device replacement up to now.

Simply bill your own consumption with the powerful and highly integrative solution from easysquare for company-specific billing.

To optimise the workflow and ensure that a user is working correctly, the solution provides various mechanisms for checking master data and transaction data for errors and inconsistencies.

The overview of the billing periods for a property provides comprehensive information on the status in the billing process.

The mobile data entry for device changeover in the easysquare app on site, including integration into the housing company’s ERP system, is fast, efficient and seamless.

Using the consumption cost cockpit in easysquare consumption billing, you can easily keep track of your entire portfolio.

Further information

  • Pipe heat correction: For each billed user group for a property, the procedure for taking account of the pipe heat emission can be applied.
  • Data exchange with external applications: So that a property can be billed in EXAD 2.0 as well as in external third-party systems, data exchange via the standardised ARGE exchange format is supported.
  • Estimation of meter reading values: For missing meter readings, substitute values can be formed fully automatically, for example by determining both the values and the optimal estimation method on the date of a device change.
  • 1:n cold water properties: The complex structures of larger properties with heating and drinking water heating systems spanning several buildings can also be mapped. These constellations are recorded once in the master data, allowing the billing processes to run fully automatically.
  • User and consumption group billing: A property’s recording devices can be combined into user and consumption groups according to the HKVO.

Your benefit

Legal compliance: The easysquare solution ensures billing in accordance with HKVO and VDI 2077.

Degree of integration: All billing-relevant master and transaction data is available and can be used in a single place. Thanks to comprehensive web services, ERP and third-party systems can be completely integrated into the process.

User-friendliness: Simple user interfaces with billing-oriented screens for entering the necessary information allow you to work efficiently.

Time savings: Data is exchanged, checked for plausibility and processed in a straightforward manner. This reduces the effort involved both in the billing process and in on-site documentation.

Paperless processes: Mobile data entry, including integration into the ERP system, makes paper and pens completely superfluous.

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