Portfolio No.: 9223-01
Subject: Contract Accounting

PROMOS Analysis tool for contract balances

Keep track of rental arrears at all times with the PROMOS analysis tool for contract balances

To avoid or reduce rental arrears and thus ensure the liquidity of your company, it is sensible to support your receivables management using intelligent software solutions. After all, the larger a company’s customer base, the more difficult it becomes to maintain an overview of all rental contracts. At this point, PROMOS provides an ideal starting point for modern receivables management with the analysis tool for contract balances.

The PROMOS analysis tool for contract balances provides you with a convenient overview of your contracts as well as the credit and arrears up to a freely selectable amount. The amount of the arrears is presented as a proportion of the current rent with the aid of a traffic light function. This way, arrears and credits can be identified quickly. A targeted search for contracts in arrears with a specific dunning status is also possible. The analysis tool thus makes it significantly easier to monitor lease-outs and deposits as part of receivables management.

The PROMOS analysis tool for contract balances enables a convenient overview of the key information regarding the selected contracts as well as access to the individual contract for further processing.

A clearly structured list of results

For each contract, the results list shows for each contract the balance on the current key date/previous month/month before the previous month or date values that can be freely defined, the deposit balance of the actual and target deposit and the individual value adjustment balance as well as the key information for the contract regarding the current status of dunning and legal action, thus providing information on the balance development up to the key date. Each contract also has a status that represents the amount of the arrears as a proportion of the current rent using a traffic light function. A red traffic light means arrears of more than two month’s rent, a yellow traffic light means arrears of more than one month’s rent and a green traffic light means credit or arrears of less than one month’s rent.

A range of selection parameters

The contracts are listed based on specific selection criteria that the user can define individually. The selection template can be used to select a company code, any status of accounting entities or contracts. Multiple selections are also possible. On the “Further Selection Parameters” tab, you will find a range of possible restrictions or exclusions, for example to restrict the value range, comply with contract parameters such as a dunning block or payment method, through to the maintenance area or responsibility of a specific agent.

Direct processing options

From the report, the user can easily jump to the account sheet for the contract in question and continue with processing there. This makes it the perfect tool for receivables managers, for example, to call up before or after the dunning run and monitor the contracts with arrears.

Ergebnisliste der PROMOS Saldenliste
The results lists shows all contracts with information regarding the balance, dunning status, and various other contract information

Further information

  • Background processing for large data inventories: For performance reasons, background processing should be run when evaluating large data inventories. The “Background Processing” tab is available for this purpose, and you can enter the relevant criteria here.
  • Layout adjustments: Users can design the layout and structure of the report themselves with the usual SAP® tools and save this as a default setting; for example, to sort the list in ascending or descending order, to filter or to show and hide fields.
  • Targeted search: As it is possible to select dunning blocks and dunning levels, a targeted search for contracts with arrears with a specific dunning status is also possible.
  • Knowledge building thanks to integration: The list of columns in the results list contains a lot of detailed information about the real estate contract, which refers to dependent objects such as the deposit contract, individual value adjustment postings, installment payment agreements and the dunning and case record.

Your benefit

Time savings: With the help of tools for lease-outs and deposits, the customer advisor or receivables manager can quickly call up all contracts that need to be monitored and processed in the scope of receivables management.

Transparency: With the PROMOS analysis tool for contract balances, the user has a convenient overview of all contracts that have a credit or arrears.

Versatility: The tool has a variety of selection options. Large amounts of data can be analysed and evaluated in a targeted manner according to all specific requirements from receivables management.

End user

  • Contract accountants
  • Customer advisers
  • Receivables managers

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE-FX
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