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easysquare rentals

Organise rentals efficiently and in a networked manner

From the first enquiry from a potential tenant until conclusion of the final rental agreement, there are numerous work steps to be completed as part of the rental process. Housing companies are recommended to use our easysquare rental solution to support their administrative and time-consuming processes for renting real estate objects and managing their potential tenants.

The numerous intelligent features and automated workflows are specially tailored to the requirements of landlords. This means that the property description, maintenance of potential tenant data, appointments and reservations, the self-disclosure process, the search for alternative offers and much more can be carried out digitally in the portal. The data (e.g. the automatic creation of business partners) is seamlessly integrated into the SAP® system and is available there for further processing in compliance with the GDPR. Take advantage of the bundling of all process participants in one portal and maximum efficiency thanks to a completely digitalised solution!

easysquare Vermietungslösung mit Interessenten-App

From the advertisement to the search for the right tenant to the conclusion of the contract – our easysquare applications digitally map the entire rental process from start to finish.

Real estate management: Whether it’s a flat, commercial unit or garage – the portal gives you an insight into the real estate you manage at any time. The application is highly integrative and avoids media discontinuities thanks to digital forms.

Digital marketing: With just a few clicks, you can initiate the marketing of your properties via various channels, such as the potential tenant app or external portals (ImmoScout, Immowelt, classified ads, etc.). The property data is transferred in a structured form and no longer needs to be entered manually.

Automated processing of all enquiries: The rental solution channels all enquiries from the various channels into one application and prepares the potential tenant data in a structured manner. This means that potential tenants can be selected with just a few clicks and invited to book viewing appointments. A three-stage process ensures the GDPR-compliant processing of personal data.

Appointment booking: An important building block for greater convenience and efficiency in the rental process is the option of arranging viewing appointments online. With the appropriate feature, for example, appointment slots can be released for individual properties and booked independently by potential tenants. The potential tenants can also change or cancel appointments themselves.

Viewings: By using the easysquare solution on mobile devices, viewings can be conducted smoothly on site using existing potential tenant data and checklists.

Matching: Various mechanisms, such as matching or scoring to assess the selected potential tenants, support the pre-selection process. Self-disclosures and SCHUFA reports are available in fully digitised form.

Conclusion of the contract: Once the decision has been made in favour of a potential tenant, an offer can be sent and the entire process can be completed by adding them to the tenancy agreement.

With the easysquare rental solution, you can manage your real estate objects in a professional digital application for the successful marketing of your properties.
Advertisements can be easily exported to your potential tenant app or external portals such as Immobilienscout24, Immonet etc. for digital marketing at the touch of a button.
The easysquare potential tenant app completes the digital rental solution with its own intuitive application for applicants, allowing all incoming enquiries to be channelled efficiently.
Digital forms on your mobile device can be the perfect support for your on-site viewings. All relevant property data is always to hand.
As an alternative to traditional on-site viewings, virtual viewings can also be integrated, for example to eliminate the need to coordinate large group and individual viewings and thus benefit from a significant increase in efficiency.
Based on individual self-disclosure, a scoring system is available to assess selected potential tenants.

Further information

  • Real estate search made easy: With the separate application, your potential tenants can view and enquire about available properties, search, arrange appointments, manage self-disclosure data and documents, store search profiles and send enquiries. The current status of an enquiry can be tracked at any time. All enquiries are channelled, as enquiries from external portals automatically trigger a request to register in the potential tenant app.
  • Flat booking: The easysquare solution creates the necessary efficiency for cost-effective rental and is particularly suitable for attractive marketing to a digitally savvy target group.
  • Commercial rentals: The commercial version takes special requirements into account, such as the economic evaluation of offers and features for working with estate agents.
  • Reporting: You benefit from analyses on various topics, such as vacancies, online enquiries, etc.

Your benefit

Reduced workload: With the easysquare apps, you can record and process data directly on site. Other processes such as the handover or viewing of properties can also be integrated seamlessly into the existing rental processes.

Concentrated data storage: Potential tenants' data is initially only saved in the easysquare portal. The data is only transferred to SAP® when a rental agreement is actually concluded. This means that an unnecessarily large amount of data is not stored in SAP® and is then available in compliance with GDPR. All parties involved in the process are cleverly networked via a portal.

Time savings: Various features for mass processing and the use of the potential tenant app allow work steps to be digitalised and simplified in order to save significant time and costs. Being able to simply select from a huge number of enquiries makes work much easier. No redundant entries are required at any point in the process. All master data is transferred automatically, including all relevant data on the property, potential tenant and conditions when the rental agreement is concluded.

Intuitive operation: The streamlined and intuitive operating interface makes it much easier to use the solution.

End user

  • Rental
  • Property management
  • Real estate agents

Technical requirements

  • SAP® ERP

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