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Subject: Contract Management

easysquare rentals

Organise rentals efficiently and in a networked manner

The easysquare landlords’ solution is a modern and efficient solution that provides optimum support for the rental process. From the first enquiry from a potential tenant until conclusion of the final lease-out, there are numerous work steps to be completed as part of the rental process. Housing companies are recommended to use intelligent software to support their administrative and operational processes for renting real estate objects and managing their potential tenants.

The “Rentals” service in the easysquare mobile app and the easysquare web app (based on SAP® UI5) is specially configured to meet the mobile requirements of estate agents and landlords. In this way, the user can maintain property descriptions and potential tenants’ data, arrange appointments and make reservations as well as search for alternative offers in the app. The data (e.g. the automatic creation of business partners) is seamlessly integrated into the SAP® system and is available there for further processing.

Potential tenant seeks flat

All the relevant data regarding a potential tenant is entered in the easysquare mobile app or web app. The user can search for properties, create descriptions and arrange inspection appointments in accordance with the search profile. All the master data for an object on offer can be maintained effectively – from free text for the real estate portals to photos that can be added conveniently using the mobile terminal device.

Flat seeks potential tenant

It is also possible to search for suitable potential tenants for a vacant property – and this can all be done using a mobile device on site or from a stationary PC via the web app.


A host of meaningful reports are available as standard:

  • Reports for real estate search requests and objects on offer
  • Reports for contract closures
  • Reports on inspections
Ergebnisliste von Objekten in der easysquare Vermietungslösung
Results list for properties in the easysquare mobile app

Further information

  • Networking with the “Property search” app: Potential tenants can use the “Property search” easysquare app to find suitable properties, save search profiles and contact the landlord directly in the app.

Your benefit

Mobile processes: With the easysquare mobile app, you can record and edit data regarding the property directly on site. Other mobile processes such as the handover of residential properties or flat inspections can also be integrated seamlessly into the existing rental processes

Concentrated data storage: All data is available in SAP® immediately, making dual data storage unnecessary.

Time savings: Various features, such as the options of using mass processing or the easysquare mobile app, can be used to digitalise and simplify work steps, resulting in significant time savings and thus also cost savings

Intuitive operation: The streamlined and intuitive operating interface makes it much easier for users to use the solution.

End user

  • Landlords
  • Property managers
  • Estate agents

Technical requirements

  • SAP® ERP (also usable without SAP® in future)

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