Autobahn Tank und Rast GmbH

With more than 750 service operations Autobahn Tank & Rast is the largest provider of fuel, catering, shopping, conference and B&B options in the German highway network. Currently about 300 leaseholders of Autobahn Tank & Rast GmbH operate some 340 gas stations, 340 motorway restaurants, 55 hotels and 40 kiosks throughout Germany.
Referenz Autobahn Tank&Rast

PROMOS services

  • PROMOS template-supported overall project sub-contracted by TDS Neckarsulm 
  • development of a module for lease settlements
  • application service via PROMOS data centre
  • comprehensive consulting, training and supervision in the departments:
    • accounting 
    • real estate management
    • project system
    • reporting system (SAP® BW)

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