LBBW Immobilien Management GmbH

mySAP™ All-in-One industry solution PROMOS.GT for the real estate industry
Referenz LBBW
  • own portfolio: about 150,000 m² industrial estates
  • construction volume 2002, maintenance included: € 200 million
  • number of employees: 520
  • SAP®-user since 2003/2004
  • SAP®-version 4.6C
  • mySAP™ All-in-One PROMOS.GT

LBBW is involved almost every aspect of real estate. In this industry we are one of the five main companies throughout Germany and the largest in Baden-Württemberg. Our economic demands on our IT IT system are correspondingly high. Due to the common business trend efficiency and productivity in our business are no longer a matter of course. We are well prepared for this particular market situation because business activities mean that we have to permanently adjust our processes.

Our legacy system did not meet those requirements. It was neither flexible enough nor did it support LBBW’s economic objectives. Therefore we dealt with the selection of new systems in a project group and had talks with leading providers. Not only economic functions mattered in the evaluation, but also the professional competence and the provider’s industry solution for the real estate and housing industry. Quickly, the SAP® software turned out to be the right choice

Other colleagues in the industry have been working with the SAP® software for quite some time now and to their advantage. On the other hand, we heard about issues and the high expenses  caused by those changeovers. We wanted a firm cost-frame for all the necessary functions and fast system conversion. We did not want to run the risk of such project failing and that is why we carefully tested the providers’ quality . It was important to have a partner with the essential knowledge of the industry and also able to offer all kinds of IT and real estate services from a single source.

We are very satisfied with the new solution. The change of our system went according to plan and no costs were exceeded. After only 6 months of project time we closed our yearly accounts of 2003 for all companies with SAP®. 

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