NAI apollo residential advisory GmbH

Mobile project: implementation of the networking solution easysquare mobile
With 5,000 real estate experts in 350 offices in more than 50 countries, the NAI apollo group belongs to the largest networks of independent real estate consulting companies in the world.
Falk Schollenberger
Falk Schollenberger

Executive partner of the NAI apollo residential advisory GmbH

"We were impressed by the concept right from the start. When we assess properties, we have to record a great deal of data about the property on site within a short time. This is required for banks, insurance companies and institutional investors. Because the ’best‘ is the enemy of the ’good‘, the writing pad and digital camera must take a back seat and let the smartphone do the job. With mobile technology projects can be carried out quickly, efficiently and error-free, whereas before working with easysquare mobile they involved a great deal of time and high costs."

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