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Subject: Data Protection

PROMOS package for data protection

The diverse package for legal requirements regarding data protection

Data protection is a topic that customers and companies have become increasingly sensitive about over the past few years. However, the customers’ desire for greater transparency and consistency in the handling of their data is not the only factor; legal regulations also mean it is necessary for companies to deal with this topic at design level and for the long term.

A sophisticated deletion and blocking concept is therefore advisable and necessary for any company that processes personal data. This concept must comprehensively regulate how personal data is handled in SAP® RE-FX, such as when a company data set may be deleted. This can be dependent on statutory retention periods or due to open business processes. PROMOS knows the questions that are relevant for developing a rigorous concept and provides help with implementation.

What’s more, PROMOS provides various reports that specifically help with implementation of the EU-GDPR.

The General Data Protection Regulation grants private individuals the right to information on their personal data as well as a right to be forgotten, meaning the deletion of their data. Data processing entities should also pseudonymise data for the purpose of data minimisation and data protection and when using data for a different purpose than was originally intended. PROMOS provides a comprehensive package to implement all these requirements:

Anonymisation report

To satisfy Article 17 of the EU-GDPR, the anonymisation report deletes and anonymises all personal data in the business partner’s SAP® RE-FX systems. The report considers all the usual SAP® fields and attachments relating to objects, processes regarding the business partner and contract or other customer-specific fields. A simulation run allows you to check the data to be deleted before it is irreversibly anonymised.

Information report

If customers or tenants request to view the processed data regarding them, you need the information report developed by PROMOS. This provides a detailed overview of the stored information (e.g. date of birth, address or bank details) in PDF or CSV format.

Pseudonymisation report

Various articles also require the pseudonymisation of personal data, which can be implemented in test systems with the PROMOS pseudonymisation report.

Error list

The Data Protection solution package additionally allows users to generate a list offering an overview of all previous simulations, anonymisations and errors as well as anonymisations prevented by technical reviews. Thanks to its thoroughness, this error list can be used for verification purposes by auditors or data security officers, for example. After a successful simulation run, relevant business partners can be directly anonymised from the error list.

PROMOS Auskunftsreport im Lösungspaket Datenschutz
The PROMOS information report provides a CSV file for data export. There is additionally the option of generating a PDF file or OPCC letter.
Error-Liste im PROMOS Lösungspaket für den Datenschutz in SAP
An analysis of all successful simulations, anonymisations and errors as well as anonymisations prevented by technical reviews can be generated in a list format. This can be used for verification purposes.
PROMOS Report zur Anonymisierung personenbezogener Daten in SAP

The simulation run in the PROMOS anonymisation report allows you to check the admissibility of an anonymisation.

Another component of the PROMOS data protection solution package is a pseudonymisation report, which maps the log of a pseudonymisation run in simulation mode.

Further information

  • Companies are not all identical: This is why the reports in the PROMOS Data Protection solution package are tailored to your company’s individual requirements and workflows at every stage. For example, specific roles could be introduced for deleting or anonymising data or data that refers to legally enforceable claims can be handled in a certain way. A separate rule can also be arranged in the event of the death of customers or tenants.
  • Information via app: Tenants like things to be straightforward. This is why they prefer online solutions for communication with the housing company or use apps with self-service functions that provide an immediate response to their request. For this reason, data protection information for tenants can be set up in the easysquare tenant app.

Your benefit

Clear rules: Although the data protection provisions are laid down in law, it is up to companies to arrange the actual compliance with these laws themselves. The Data Protection solution package provides a binding framework.

Automation: The available reports reduce the required workload to a minimum by deleting data automatically based on specific rules.

Individualisation: No matter what your requirements are, PROMOS can develop bespoke concepts for you and take care of the technical implementation.

End user

  • Real estate managers
  • Customer advisors
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable accountants
  • Data protection officers
  • Data protection coordinators

Technical requirements

  • SAP® ERP 6.0

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