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Consulting Migration Services

No knowledge without data – mastering migrations successfully with PROMOS

The migration triggers many work steps, which need to be taken care of: existing data has to be freed from duplicates and errors, whose compatibility was checked with the target system and fed to the new system. Doing so, it should be avoided to let the data migration grow to a long lasting and expensive endeavor.

PROMOS support you during the transmission of data from the external system into the SAP® system and during their massive maintenance in SAP®, whereas we´re able to draw on expertise from transmissions of various application systems, e. g. GES, WohnData, Navision, Wodis Sigma and SAP®. The PROMOS migration service offers a wide range: we consult you during the extraction of data, specify transformation rules from the source to the target structure regarding their individual characteristics together with you and perform the transformation and the upload of your data to SAP® for you. The transformation and the upload of data into SAP® will be documented, so that supervisory authorities will be shown transparently during the data´s way from the old system to SAP®.

During the data upload of SAP® standard surfaces PROMOS resorts to the batch-input and Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs). If required, a reusable project can be drawn up in the Legacy Systems Migration Workbench (LSMW). The use of standard surfaces makes the way of data to SAP® transparently understandable even to external people, like auditors.

Besides tabular listings of data, PROMOS also disposes of object-oriented editing, in which single data can be extracted correlatively to superior data objects, during the extraction of data from SAP®.

Further information

  • Quality control: The usage of standard surfaces in SAP® provides consistent and valid data storage in the new system from the very beginning, which is why error-prone source data during the transformation as well as the data quality are much better in the target system as in the source system.
  • Additional fields: For the data maintenance of additional fields, especially in additional tables, BAPIs are extended at the particular places, so that customer specific fields can be maintained in huge numbers even via standard methods in SAP®.

Your benefit

High data quality: With the PROMOS procedure, to draw on associated data transmissions for the data transmission of legacy data with the initial implementing, you will profit from an increased data quality. The transformation process is quite comprehensive and time consuming and has to be simulated twice or three times even by experts of those structures in the target system.

User acceptance: consistent and flawless data after a migration increases the acceptance by the users, who might have been working in the old system for years.

Transparency: With the associated transmission insecurities during the documentation of the legacy data transmission are eliminated and a legal transmission can be guaranteed.

End user

  • IT
  • Application supervisors

Technical requirements

  • SAP®
  • p.r.n. SAP® Data Services in the future

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