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Subject: Document Management

easysquare Input & Output Management

Continuous document processing, from receipt to release

Housing companies receive and send out countless documents on a daily basis. Regardless of whether documents arrive in the mail or through electronic channels such as fax, e-mail, PDF, online portals or SMS – seamless office and administrative processes require that all company documents be efficiently processed further. Media discontinuity poses a challenge for digitisation, which is why PROMOS has developed a holistic solution especially for the real estate sector.

easysquare Input & Output Management connects the digital processing of ingoing and outgoing business communications while also ensuring its automated further processing within the company, such as through a seamless handling process in easysquare workflow. The digital inbox and outbox are additionally available with total SAP® integration, but they can also be used independently of an ERP system, such as with the easysquare app family.

Input management

The digital inbox guarantees both maximum efficiency and conformity with privacy regulations in the processing of incoming mail, be it a letter, fax, e-mail or information from online contact forms or portals. After being collected along with our partner FP Digital Business Solutions GmbH, the correspondence is scanned and, upon request, indexed and enriched with metadata to allow the classification, indexing and provision of metadata and image files. This digitally recorded correspondence can then be automatically assigned to the responsible employee for further processing.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, easysquare Input & Output Management can also be used to process invoices with particular efficiency, such as through a connection to the easysquare invoice receipt workflow. The recorded invoices or credit memos can thus be (partially) automatically processed and posted down to the exact document item. Prioritized invoice processing is also made possible, so that compliance with deadlines for reminders, payments or discounts is significantly simplified.

For this purpose, a field with a priority is provided by FP Digital via an interface, which will be visible in the process cockpit of the invoice receipt workflow.

Output management

The tool takes advantage of modern hybrid mail technology. In addition to regular daily post, special mailings can also be sent very simply and cheaply. Postal processes can thus be partially digitised, reducing work for the on-site post room through intelligent outsourcing.

Our partner receives the letters digitally, then prints them, puts them in envelopes, adds postage and passes them on to be delivered. FP Digital is of course certified as compliant with the information security standard ISO/IEC 27001 and can also boast a number of other certifications. This optimised postal shipping significantly reduces your company’s process, printing, material and labour costs.

easysquare Input & Output Management is a fully digitised, GDPR-compliant application environment for the exchange of digitised communications such as letters and e-mails.

Further information

An overview of the modules:

  • Scanning and digitisation of post or invoices: incl. required measures such as removing clips, sorting to ensure correct order, insertion of separators, removal of post-it notes, greyscale or colour scan, one/two-sided scan, output as PDF or TIFF.
  • Data extraction from post or invoices: The image files are scanned using OCR software before being indexed (classified), extracted and checked for plausibility through AI and machine learning. This is followed by a manual validation and post-classification (enrichment with metadata as needed), verification, quality control and export of the data into an ERP, DMS, CRM, audit-proof archive or other platforms such as easysquare. Status monitoring and searches are also possible with the digital inbox and outbox posting.
  • Output management: incl. printing, packing and shipping; in addition to regular letters or the delivery of operating cost statements, it is of course also possible to send special mailings like surveys, meter cards or other inserts.
  • Interface for connection to ERP systems and applications

The solution can be combined with easysquare workflow, easysquare CRM ticket system, easysquare invoice receipt workflow as well as the easysquare property record, easysquare app family and external audit-proof archives.

Your benefit

Digitisation: Scanning incoming post at the beginning of the process avoids the need to make unnecessary copies. If documents are additionally enriched with metadata and indexed, this enables the automation of downstream processes.

Time savings: Stored processes enable the automated assignment of documents to the responsible employee. This greatly reduces processing times.

Increased efficiency: Digitisation minimises manual interfaces, which in turn avoids potential errors. At the same time, you save personnel expenses.

Transparency: Scanned incoming post is automatically archived and can always be accessed. This streamlines the capability to provide information to third parties while ensuring document management in compliance with data protection laws.

End user

  • deployable across companies / departments
  • from the office and accounting to customer service and sales

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