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PROMOS Data Governance Tool

More quality for your data – The PROMOS Data Governance Tool from PROMOS

Avoiding the need for separate Excel evaluations, optimising workflows and relying on the SAP® system as the source of truth – all this is only possible if the data in your system is complete and correct. With the PROMOS Data Governance Tool, we support you in significantly increasing your data quality.

The PROMOS Data Governance Tool uses checking rules to examine the SAP® system for specific issues. The different rules can be defined and edited by key users themselves using a clearly designed cockpit. The aim of the query can be to determine the number of entries, to identify missing entries or to check data for plausibility. The special feature of the tool is that one or more easysquare workflow processes can follow the checking rule that has been specified. If, for example, all tenants for whom no e-mail address is stored in the system were returned as part of the query, the responsible employees could be assigned the task of identifying the addresses in the form of a workflow process in their work basket.

PROMOS Data Governance Tool

The PROMOS Data Governance Tool is delivered with a catalogue of already existing checking rules. In addition, customers can define their own checking rules at any time. That makes this solution a universal tool for a wide range of use cases:

Data quality process: A classic example for the use of the solution is the verification of the completeness and plausibility of all required data. For example, a check can be carried out to determine whether a date of birth is realistic. A subsequent easysquare workflow process can close any gaps or detect any errors that are found.

Information system: Checking rules can be defined in such a way that information gaps do not occur in the first place. For example, when a new cost centre is created, a workflow process can be triggered that automatically informs the relevant processors about the new cost centre.

Ad-hoc queries: This type of query can be used, among other things, to get an impression of the amount of data available, e.g. how many contracts of a certain type exist.

The solution can be applied to master data as well as to certain combinations of transaction data.

The notable advantage of the PROMOS Data Governance Tool comes from the interaction between the checking rule and the workflow. For example, if the system is queried to see how many of the codes sent to authorise a tenant app have not yet been activated, this can result in a whole chain of processes being triggered.

A useful side effect of the solution is that automation needs can be precisely identified. Which tasks are performed regularly and in large numbers by employees and are therefore worth automating? Your skilled personnel can thus use their resources more for tasks that require human sensibility and decision-making power.

Figure 1: Key users can define and edit individual checking rules independently via the cockpit in the PROMOS Data Governance Tool.

Figure 2: Employees can be informed of necessary follow-up tasks after a data check via easysquare workflow, where they can jump directly into processing.

Further information

  • Joins: Since information in SAP® is often distributed across different tables, the tool makes use of so-called joins during the query. This means that information from several tables is linked together during the query and then displayed.
  • Table filters: In order to increase the performance of the query, table filters can be stored. This means that only selected parts of the database are searched instead of the entire database.
  • Classification: The search result can be classified. Is the query a search for information for an employee or should it be checked for possible errors?
  • Implementation time: The checking rule can be designed to be executed immediately or at regular intervals.
  • Process control: The solution offers all the advantages already familiar from easysquare workflow. In addition, it is possible to store different workflows and forwarding processes for each checking rule.

Your benefit

Background capability: Once set up, the PROMOS Data Governance Tool can work completely automatically in the background.

Increased data quality: Data in all areas of your SAP® system can be qualitatively improved through targeted and freely definable checking queries.

Improved evaluability: A consistent and plausible database means that your existing information can be better and more reliably evaluated.

Replicability and measurability: A defined checking rule contains a structured question and leads to a structured answer. It can be repeated at any time, which makes it possible to compare the results and gauge the success of measures that have been implemented.

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