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PROMOS Developers / Privatisation

Manage the further development of your real estate portfolio in accordance with the law with the PROMOS developers / privatisation solution

As soon as you expand beyond your core business of rentals and privatise apartments in your buildings or sell new properties, you become active in sales in a variety of ways. This is an administrative task with requirements for process mapping in your SAP® software that go beyond the existing solutions for rentals.

To meet the specific requirements of developers and as part of privatisations, PROMOS has created appropriate enhancements to the SAP® standard functions in the area of project controlling. These include the option of asset management, the creation of sales objects, special purchaser and accounts receivable accounting, as well as a profitability analysis for property developer projects.

When it comes to processing developer projects or privatisations, besides the manufacturing costs, key factors are the presentation of the objects being sold / sales contracts with the installment payments in accordance with the German Real Estate Agent and Commercial Construction Industry Ordinance (Makler- und Bauträgerverordnung; MaBV) and automatic handover posting.

Construction projects

The construction projects are processed via the SAP® project system (PS) and purchase orders in a similar manner to construction processing. Planning in accordance with DIN 276 and budgeting is used for the WBS elements (cost groups). The budgeting is the basis for automatic determination and posting of allocations to provisions upon handover.

Asset management

Properties for sale are defined as being for construction measures (developers) or for rental units (privatisation). These properties for sale contain the joint-ownership share, the purchaser and data relating to the purchase contract, such as the document number or handover date. The purchase price is recorded via a payment plan. Payment plans in accordance with the German Real Estate Agent and Commercial Construction Industry Ordinance (MaBV) can be saved optionally via milestones. For each collateral object, the assets are carried forward divided into land and building structure, where applicable. This is done via activation from the construction measure (developer) or via an allocation report from the asset of the building (privatisation). The relevant assets, such as the initial inventory, acquisitions, disposals, transfer postings or the final inventory, can be disclosed separately for each sales property at any time.

Purchaser accounting and accounts receivable

The purchasers are created as customers in the system and allocated to the sales properties. Debit positions based on the payment plans for the sales properties can be posted manually for each purchaser / sales property or automatically via a list, for example for MaBV milestones. For the debit position, you can also print correspondence, save securities as noted items and call account statements for the purchaser and sales property.

Übergabebuchung eines Verkaufsobjektes in der PROMOS Lösung zu Bauträger / Privatisierung
Handover posting for a sales object
Übersichtsmaske in der PROMOS Lösung zu Bauträger / Privatisierung

Further information

  • Process control: Optionally, pre-defined easysquare processes can be used to control the last installment, the incoming payment or the handover. Reports: A special report is available with the key values of the sale (purchase price, payments, handovers, assets, etc.).
  • Customising: Some aspects can be individually customised, if required, such as the account determination and settlement rules, mapping of the purchase contract via real estate contracts, processes for recurring activities (maintenance of appointments / milestones, final installment / receipt, purchase price / handover) or optionally the electronic bank statement for incoming installment / purchase price payments.

Your benefit

Efficiency: For developer projects, the same processes occur recurrently for all purchasers or sales properties. With the PROMOS solution, you can handle these processes efficiently and transparently.

Legally compliant: The agreements regarding asset management and presentation of the sales properties / contracts comply with the German Real Estate Agent and Commercial Construction Industry Ordinance (MaBV).

End user

  • Agent for developer projects
  • Agent for privatisation projects

Technical requirements

  • SAP® PS
  • SAP® FI
  • SAP® AA

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