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Subject: Maintenance

PROMOS Inventory Cockpit

Everything in perfect order with the PROMOS Inventory Cockpit

From the ceiling light and wall mirror to locking systems and safes to complex systems – the larger the company, the more inventory items may be concealed in the company’s inventory. Can you determine the location of all your inventory items ad hoc and to the precise square centimetre?

With the PROMOS Inventory Cockpit, we provide you with an overview within your SAP® system that makes it considerably easier to manage your equipment on a piece by piece basis – even over several locations or branches. The cockpit includes an ALV list from which you can select all the relevant processing functions in SAP®, such as performing mass maintenance tasks or adding new equipment to the inventory.

The PROMOS Inventory Cockpit greatly simplifies management of your equipment in SAP®. The following processing functions can be accessed directly from within the ALV list without the hassle of having to access several transactions:

  • Creating equipment using a template
  • Copying existing equipment
  • Moving equipment (including via mass processing) from one functional location to another
  • Copying an entire functional location including the built-in equipment
  • Creating a new functional location
  • Mass activation (or deactivation) of equipment
  • Mass modification of master data fields

The report compiles all the relevant information from the equipment, functional location and, if applicable, asset accounting. Construction types are used as standard for better classification.

SAP Selektionsbildschirm im PROMOS Inventarcockpit
Inventory Cockpit: selection screen
PROMOS Inventarcockpit: in der Symbolleiste sind die Bearbeitungsfunktionen für die Massenbearbeitung hinterlegt
Inventory cockpit: The processing functions for mass processing arestored in the symbol list.

Further information

  • Mobility: In most cases, the inventory is physically dispersed over a wide area, making catalogues and inventories a logistical challenge. Mobile inventory recording with easysquare mobile can be integrated seamlessly into the PROMOS Inventory Cockpit.

Your benefit

Minimised workload: A single transaction from within the PROMOS Inventory Cockpit replaces the (separate) call of multiple SAP® standard transactions, saving you effort and thus time.

User friendliness: The simplified operation of the solution makes managing your equipment more convenient.

High level of data quality: Recording your equipment in a central application allows you to you benefit from consistent data storage and improved data quality.

End user

  • Controlling
  • IT
  • Internal administration

Technical requirements

  • SAP® PM

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