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Subject: Maintenance

PROMOS Vacancy Management

Make managing your vacant properties more convenient with PROMOS!

When a rental contract is terminated, this not only triggers letting processes. Typical tasks here also include technical maintenance – everything from painting and wallpapering to modernisation in accordance with the current guidelines, for example installing double-glazed windows. If the property remains vacant for a while, regular inspections are required.

These measures and services for vacant apartments are necessary in the event of a termination or while the apartment is vacant and can be efficiently generated and managed with PROMOS Vacancy Management. Special service specifications can be stored in the system. Corresponding events, such as special reasons for a vacancy or information from the mobile residential property inspection, then result in automatic order generation.

PROMOS Vacancy Management provides you with extensive functions for managing appropriate measures and services in your vacant properties.

Convenient service packages

The individual service packages can be defined optionally with service specifications via SAP®. Corresponding customising is then used to allocate these maintenance plans to the service packages.

Measures and procedures

The service packages can be given a sequence, an interval in months and, optionally, a quantity or the identifier “infinite”.

Keep track of everything with the vacancy manager

The “Vacancy manager” function is used to generate orders for the service packages. The next service package is generated only once the services have been “finally confirmed”. This function allows you to clearly display the status of measures for the individual apartments, i.e., which service package is currently being processed.

PROMOS Leerstandsmanager in SAP
Vacancy manager

Further information

  • Customer-specific customising: Settings for services, service packages and measures can be configured on a customer-specific basis.
  • Interfaces: The vacancy manager uses standard SAP® functions, which means that you can use both SAP® and PROMOS products, such as easysquare mobile or the easysquare portal.

Your benefit

Efficiency: Efficient end-to-end processing for recurring vacancy measures with service packages for the measure and inspection of properties that are vacant for a long time.

Industry-oriented: With the PROMOS enhancement especially for convenient management of vacancy measures in SAP®, you benefit from an industry-specific solution.

Transparency: Vacancy manager gives you an up-to-date overview of which service package is currently being processed.

End user

  • Maintenance
  • Construction

Technical requirements

  • SAP® PM

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