Portfolio No.: 9310-03
Subject: Maintenance

PROMOS Object Service Specifications

Plan services for a property in one tour? This is easy with the PROMOS Object Service Specifications

The object service specifications determine which services are to be performed for which objects at which intervals, and which resources are used. This simplifies the planning of recurring services significantly – everything from green waste as part of landscaping, building cleaning, caretaker services, container management and inspection of vacant apartments to the maintenance of technical systems, winter services and road and pavement cleaning to safety inspections as part of quality assessment.

For processing, planned notifications / orders are generated using the object service specifications and forwarded to service processing. The object service specifications are thus an industry-oriented alternative to SAP® maintenance plans.

The object service specifications use key basic features of the SAP® PM module, such as master data, functional locations and maintenance orders. Furthermore, PROMOS provides additional functions for managing and maintaining services, appointments and tours, which you can use to generate planned appointments and releases.

Holistic scheduling in the maintenance calendar

Based on the master data – where you specify which services need to be performed at a specific frequency or on a specific date by which processor and on which object – a periodic plan can be generated. As a result, an order is created for each deadline with the services planned for that day. This allows you to distribute the orders to your own employees as tours or to suppliers in the form of third-party services in an optimal manner – with optional framework contracts.

The following frequencies and appointment settings are available:

  • Specification of the week day, starting week
  • Release only in the event of a vacancy
  • Free quantity per service period (e.g. cutting twice from 1 Oct to 31 March)
  • Annual or 1x per service period
  • Every six months
  • Quarterly
  • Every two months
  • Monthly
  • Every fortnight
  • Weekly
  • Fixed date
SAP Objekt-LV: Pflegekalender
Object service specifications: maintenance calendar

Further information

  • Mobility: As the service entry is naturally performed on site at the object, mobile processing of the service orders performed by your company may make sense. The easysquare portal can be integrated for this purpose.
  • Reports: Via a dynamic report, you can display planned and released appointments in a clear manner as a list of services, either by week (maintenance calendar) or by appointment / order.
  • Data entry: Of course, the data can be maintained in the SAP® system or you have the option to enter data via an Excel upload.
  • Interfaces: The PROMOS GAEB Interface can be used to read in the services.

Your benefit

Planning security: Recurring services can be planned in a detailed and clear manner. Efficient handling of the maintenance calendar makes task management significantly easier.

Transparency: Thanks to the maintenance calendar and dynamic reports, you always maintain an overview of service provision.

System integration: As the data is stored in SAP®, you benefit from the market leader’s tried-and-tested tools and can link seamlessly to other functions.

End user

  • Independent operations
  • Maintenance
  • Safety inspection
  • Quality assessment

Technical requirements

  • SAP®
  • SAP® PM
  • PROMOS Service Specifications
  • Optional: PROMOS GAEB Interface

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