Portfolio No.: 3006-02
Subject: Maintenance

PROMOS Meter & Energy Management

Consumption at a glance

Efficient management of the meter readings and consumption of all rental units requires intelligent management of data. The standard functions in SAP® can be used for this purpose. However, the correct import and efficient entry of the consumption as well as the subsequent analysis and evaluation of the data can be just as important. PROMOS provides various clever solutions for this purpose.

With PROMOS meter and energy management, you can import the meter master data for your rental units into SAP® via Excel. Alternatively, we offer you the option to enter the meter readings easily and conveniently using our easysquare mobile app. We also provide you with tools for data preparation. This allows you to analyse and normalise consumption. An extractor allows you to export the data into your SAP® BW system.

Drawing on our many years of experience in the real-estate agency, we have developed various functions that make meter and energy management easier.

Master data management

Meters as well as measuring points can be managed in the system. A configurable Excel upload is available for importing the measurement data. The units to be measures are set up in the system. Conversion into standard units is possible here (e.g. from litres of oil to kWh). External evaluation groups such as the DE numbers of the network operator, or internal evaluation groups such as asset IDs can also be used.

Management of transaction data

Consumption data can be recorded in the standard SAP® system as posted consumption documents. If meter readings are not known, we also offer you the option of recording them as statistical values. The consumption or meter readings are entered via a dialog in the standard SAP® system. An Excel upload is available for the statistical values. This allows costs as well as consumption to be posted.

Mobile consumption entry

On request, consumption and meter changes can be recorded on the go via the easysquare mobile app. In this case, a process is launched for the confirmed data, which supports verification and posting in the system.

Evaluation and analysis

PROMOS allows you to perform analyses beyond the standard SAP® capabilities. For this purpose, the data is exported into your SAP® BW system using an extractor. Here, special analyses for managing the meters and presenting consumption can be performed.

PROMOS Energiemanagement: Dynamische Liste zur Auswertung und Erfassung der Zählerstammdaten
Dynamic list for analysing and entering meter master data
Auswertung der Verbräuche mit dem PROMOS Energiemanagement
Analysis of consumption

Your benefit

Efficiency: Meters can be managed efficiently thanks to convenient entry of the data via an Excel import or the easysquare mobile app. Optional automated process control in SAP® also saves time during processing.

Avoidance of errors: Transferring the data into SAP® without media discontinuities prevents any transfer errors as well as duplicate entries on paper.

Transparency: The integrated presentation of the meters and consumption in the SAP® system improves the employees’ access to information and increases transparency.

End user

  • House caretakers
  • Technical property managers

Technical requirements

  • SAP® ERP
  • Use of functional locations with assignment to real estate objects (determining area)

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