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easysquare vacant apartment refurbishment

Make refurbishment decisions directly on site thanks to integrated cost calculation

One of a landlord’s key objectives is to avoid vacancies completely as much as possible. However, there are still phases in which rental objects are vacant between two tenancies for the purpose of refurbishment or repair work. This makes it even more important to keep such periods to a minimum.

Easysquare vacant apartment refurbishment supports you in this regard. With the easysquare professional app, you can record any defects and refurbishment requirements easily and conveniently room for room. In addition, there is a clever calculation function directly in the app, which calculates the costs for the refurbishment using stored unit price catalogues.

Easysquare vacant apartment refurbishment allows you to map the entire process of inspecting vacant apartments and planning modernisation.

First, resource planning is performed for inspection of the vacant apartment using the easysquare web portal or directly in SAP®. Here, the available employees are assigned to the vacant rental objects according to their capacity. The selected property manager then receives the property to inspect as a task in the inbox of his or her easysquare professional app. This displays not only the address and basic data of the apartment, but also its room layout and trades. Like with a checklist, the processor can thus work through each individual room and installation to be inspected. The processor can also change the inventory data if required, and this updates the master data in the SAP® system either automatically or following release. The processor records the refurbishment requirements identified in the app using stored catalogues of measures. If required, he or she can also take photos of any defects directly from the app. The integrated cost calculation has proven to be particularly helpful. Here, when specifying the measures, the costs involved are calculated and displayed for each room and for the whole property directly in the app. This allows the processor to make decisions regarding implementation of the selected measures on site immediately and, ideally, initiate commissioning directly. The time period required for refurbishment can thus be reduced significantly. Once the inspection is complete, the digital form can be signed and sent off directly in the app. It then appears in SAP® or the easysquare web portal as an inspection report in PDF format with all the information and images recorded.

The function for calculating costs directly on site, in particular, is what makes easysquare vacant apartment refurbishment a unique and pioneering solution concept.

easysquare Leerwohnungssanierung: Mobiles Formular zur Erfassung des Objektzustandes inklusive Katalogauswahl, Foto- und Rechenfunktion
Mobile form for recording the condition of the property, including catalogue selection and a photo and calculation function
Die Unterschrift zur Leerwohnungssanierung durch den Objektbetreuer wird direkt im Formular in der easysquare mobile App geleistet.
The property manager’s signature is entered directly in the form
Besichtigungsprotokoll zur Leerwohnungssanierung im PDF-Format
Inspection report as a PDF file

Further information

  • Additional calculation functions: In easysquare mobile, it is also possible to store mathematical formulas for calculating economic KPIs. For example, automatic calculation of the payback period can make it easier to decide whether to carry out a measure.
  • Target / actual comparison: Analyses in the form of target / actual comparisons, which provide information regarding open and completed work, can be performed in the easysquare web portal as well as in SAP®.
  • Individual form design: The digital form in easysquare mobile can be adjusted to suit the customer’s requirements at any time with regard to the type and number of the fields or the design.

Your benefit

An increase in turnover: With easysquare vacant apartment refurbishment, vacant periods can be reduced significantly. This makes it possible to re-let more quickly, which leads to an increase in turnover.

Time savings: The reduction in media discontinuities as a result of using integrated and digital process handling reduces the time and effort required for all those involved.

User friendliness: Various useful features, such as the integrated map and photo function and the intuitive structure, make the application easier to use and thus improve the user experience.

End user

  • Technical property managers

Technical requirements

  • easysquare professional app
  • for SAP® integration: Linkage between SAP® systems and the easysquare platform (SAP NetWeaver®) with https and data transfer with OpenPromos® Supply Link and RFC / Webservice connection

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