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easysquare quality assessment

Stay on top of your quality assessment duties with easysquare

As a real estate owner, you can delegate your quality assessment obligations to an operator; however, from a legal perspective, you still have a duty to inspect the performed checks. As it is common for several companies to be working on various different properties and their infrastructures, the quality assessment process is often very complex.

Easysquare quality assessment allows real estate owners to centrally manage their inspection duties and involve external companies with ease. Using the easysquare mobile app, inspection tasks can be carried out by the relevant inspector using mobile devices on site, and the results sent back to the owner straight from the app. The easysquare platform can also be connected to the owner’s SAP® system via a ready-to-use plug-in.

Mit der easysquare Verkehrssicherungslösung die Betreiberpflichten fest im Griff

The easysquare web portal as a central hub for real estate owners

The easysquare web portal serves as a control centre for an owner’s inspection duties. All existing inspection tasks are stored here and linked to an operator, the relevant inspection properties and an inspection cycle. From this inspection plan, you generate the corresponding inspection tasks automatically when due, and these tasks are displayed for the inspector in the easysquare mobile app. Various analysis options are also available to real estate owners in the web portal.

The easysquare web portal as a management platform for the operator

Via the easysquare web portal, operators can view all inspection tasks for which they are responsible. They can maintain their employees and their qualifications, define responsibilities and plan inspection tasks.

Carry out inspection tasks on site with easysquare mobile

Inspectors receive their inspection tasks from the easysquare web portal as digital forms in the easysquare mobile app. The forms contain the address of the inspection property and a precise description of the tasks. The inspector is guided through the forms with the help of selection catalogues, information fields and mandatory fields highlighted in colour. Any defects can be recorded and documented using the photo function. The inspector then sends the digital form to the owner’s easysquare web portal. The automatically generated PDF inspection report serves as a supporting document.

Seamless integration into the SAP® system

The easysquare quality assessment solution can be connected to the owner’s SAP® via a ready-to-use plug-in. The inspection plan can then be generated on the basis of the existing master data for the real estate objects and business partners in the SAP® system. Owners can also use a range of configuration options, analysis tools and other functions.

Digitales Formular in easysquare mobile zur Erfassung der Prüfergebnisse
Digital form in easysquare mobile for recording the inspection results
easysquare Verkehrssicherung: Soll-Ist Vergleich zum Prüfstatus mit Ampelfarben und Nachweisdokument in SAP®
Target / actual comparison for the inspection status with traffic light colours and a supporting document in SAP®
easysquare Verkehrssicherung: Soll-Ist Vergleich zum Prüfstatus mit Ampelfarben und Nachweisdokument im easysquare Webportal
Target / actual comparison for the inspection status with traffic light colours and a supporting document in the web portal
easysquare Verkehrssicherung: Schadenserfassung mittels Fotofunktion in easysquare mobile
Defects recorded in easysquare mobile using the photo function

Further information

  • Mobile inventory data management: The connection to SAP® makes it possible to maintain the inventory data on site using a mobile device. The data recorded on site can then be integrated back into the system using the dual control principle.
  • Connection to an external third-party solution: Operators who wish to use their own applications for collaborating with a landowner or real estate owner can exchange tasks and results with the owner’s easysquare web portal via a web service interface.
  • Customisation: Our experienced PROMOS experts advise you regarding your specific wishes and requirements. Our easysquare quality assessment solution can be tailored to your needs.

Your benefit

Paperless processes: Digital entry using a mobile terminal device means that paper forms, often containing multiple carbon copies, are no longer necessary.

One platform for everyone: Using a common solution for quality assessment means that all involved are optimally networked with one another.

Auditing acceptability: All document and changes made are saved in an audit-proof manner.

Checks and analyses: Operators and owners have the option to manage and check their tasks and duties via deviation and utilisation analyses.

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End user

  • House caretakers
  • Administrators
  • Owners

Technical requirements

  • easysquare mobile app 1.0
  • for SAP® integration: Linkage between SAP® systems and the easysquare platform (SAP NetWeaver®) with https and data transfer with OpenPromos® Supply Link and RFC / Webservice connection
  • for Non-SAP® integration: Linkage between Non-SAP® systems and easysquare platform (SAP NetWeaver®) with https and via the easysquare REST API

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