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easysquare timekeeping

More time for the important things

Various professional fields within the real estate industry involve a great number of work hours that are spent away from a fixed workstation with a PC. For example, property managers, technicians and house caretakers spend a large portion of their working hours on site at the real estate object. It is therefore practical for them to be able to perform their tasks on the move using a smartphone or app. The same also applies to administrative tasks including timekeeping.

With the easysquare mobile app, you can therefore also record working hours and business trips on site efficiently using a mobile device. The employee-specific maintenance of target working hours and the analysis of actual working hours, breaks with a corresponding account assignment element (e.g. an accounting entity) and business trips takes place in SAP® tables developed by PROMOS. The calendar-style display makes operation intuitive. In addition, employees have a clear monthly and yearly overview of the balance, overtime from the previous year, illness and holidays.

The solution also provides the option of transferring the data to an external HR system via an interface. The SAP® component HR can also be connected if the company uses this module. In this case, we recommend that you connect the SAP® tools CATS (Cross Application Time Sheet), the cross-application tool for recording working hours and activities. Setting up SAP® CATS is optional and involves little effort.

Data recorded on the move is then integrated seamlessly into the time sheet (CATS). Activities recorded on site are saved automatically as activity types in the CATS. From here, the data can be transferred to other components of the SAP® system, such as Controlling. In this way, the hours recorded can be allocated in CO via activity types (i.e. to a receiver cost centre or WBS element). Business trips recorded on the move can be transferred with the relevant data to the travel expense manager. Only a small amount of HR master data (mini master), such as data relating to the person and the target working hours, are required in order to use the time sheet. To use SAP® CATS, in particular to maintain the target working hours, a HR licence is required.

Kalendersicht zur Zeiterfassung in der easysquare mobile App: Der Mitarbeiter wird intuitiv durch die Anwendung auf dem iPad geführt.
Calendar view for timekeeping: employees are guided through the application intuitively.
Erfassungssicht der easysquare Zeiterfassung: Kataloge und eine Mehrfachauswahl beschleunigen die Eingabe in der iPad-App.
Data entry view: catalogues and multiple selection make entry faster.

Your benefit

Individual design of the forms: The timekeeping forms can be customised and contain your company-specific data.

Intuitive operation: The intuitive operation of easysquare means that recording data is self-explanatory. Clear icons and colours allow the forms to be filled out intuitively.

Recording data on site: The activities can be recorded on site. A transfer of data from paper to software is no longer necessary with easysquare.

Integration of the data into SAP®: PROMOS provides ready-to-use interfaces that transfer the recorded data into your SAP® system.

End user

  • House caretakers
  • Property managers

Technical requirements

  • easysquare professional app
  • for SAP® integration: Linkage between SAP® systems and the easysquare platform (SAP NetWeaver®) with https and data transfer with OpenPromos® Supply Link
  • for Non-SAP® integration: Linkage between Non-SAP® systems and easysquare platform (SAP NetWeaver®) with https and via the easysquare REST API

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