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Subject: Construction

PROMOS Defects & Warranty Follow-up

Ensure that your construction project does not become a problem

Be it a construction project or maintenance order, service providers are liable for all rendered services with a statutory warranty obligation. This can vary in terms of length depending on the type of service. If a defect then occurs, the information from the warranty obligation is often unavailable, or not available immediately. It is also easy to lose track of defect rectification.

PROMOS has thus created defect and warranty follow-up, a useful tool that makes these tasks significantly easier for you. Warranty obligations are recorded for specific orders at an early stage in SAP® and are thus available at any time. The tool also supports follow-up work for defect rectification work.

Defect and warranty follow-up makes a distinction between defects and warranties from a construction project and those from a maintenance order.

Defects or warranty claims from construction projects

Via the project cockpit, warranty and defect notifications can be recorded and managed on the Invoices tab with a reference to cost groups (WBS elements) and orders. A fast entry screen can be used to group the defect and warranty notifications by means of a catalogue selection. For example, the length of a warranty or the type of defect follow-up work (claim for subsequent improvement, claim for damages, etc.) can be selected. For each notification created, it is possible to record one or more measures with a date and status, which thus makes the relevant follow-up measures easier. The defect notifications and warranties can be viewed in the construction account as well as in the project cockpit. A list of the warranties from construction is generated via collective processing, which means that the information for an open warranty remains visible.

Defects or warranty claims from maintenance orders

For maintenance orders, warranty data can be stored in the order. If no specific acceptance data is recorded, the warranty begins when the invoice is posted. Open guarantees are displayed for information purposes when a new order is recorded for the same trade, and thus remind the user regarding any warranty claims. The acceptance data and warranty deadlines are also presented in the order list, allowing the dates to be followed easily.

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Defect follow-up

Further information

  • Process control: To make follow-up measures even easier, suitable processes can be stored for warranty notifications in easysquare workflow, which are assigned for processing to the employee responsible. For example, the work basket of the relevant processor then contains a task for review before the warranty expires.
  • Generating correspondence: A function for printing correspondence from the relevant transaction can also be configured.

Your benefit

Cost savings: Improved transparency regarding open warranties can result in significant cost savings.

Efficiency: Defects no longer have to be followed up manually. Employees can view the planned measures easily and conveniently and, by means of due dates, can see when they need to be followed up and checked.

Usability and transparency: The defect and warranty follow-up can be performed via the construction account, the project cockpit or directly via the order in question. A clearly presented input screen makes it easier to record defects, warranty claims and measures.

End user

  • Construction controlling
  • Construction management
  • Maintenance

Technical requirements

  • PROMOS Project Cockpit and/or
  • OpenPromos® Service Notification

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