Portfolio No.: 9303-01
Subject: Construction

PROMOS fast entry tool for construction orders

Record data in a matter of seconds

Using the PROMOS fast entry tool for construction orders optimises and simplifies the SAP® standard system for recording orders for the construction industry.

A general advantage of recording SAP® orders is the associated formation of commitments, which weigh on the budget and thus allow anticipated costs to be analysed in relation to the available remaining budget. Furthermore, the relevant budget type and cost type are assigned to the order as part of recording the order. This makes subsequent invoice entry significantly easier, as the information regarding account assignment can be taken from the order automatically.

The PROMOS solution enhances the standard SAP® system with additional functions. Here, a single screen without different tabs is used to record construction orders. The key data can be entered in a fast and straightforward manner, and the system then applies this data to standard SAP® order creation. This allows even inexperienced users without extensive knowledge of SAP® MM, such as architects or engineers, to record orders.

The individual structure elements of a project hierarchy (WBS elements), which can be used for scheduling and planned cost and actual cost monitoring, among other things, are the basis for recording construction orders using the PROMOS tool.

Construction orders are recorded on the basis of a WBS element, and the account assignment of the purchase order items is derived and determined automatically via customising that is integrated into the PROMOS solution. It is therefore possible to assign the G/L account or the cost type as well as the cost group and/or the trade on the basis of a single entry. In this way, assignment to a specific construction phase or similar structure for a construction project is also possible.

In addition to the project structure element, it is also necessary to specify additional information, or this information may be provided optionally. For example, information recorded includes suppliers and their addresses, an amended delivery date (if applicable) as well as information relating to internal purchasers who are responsible for the order from a technical or organisational perspective. The processor also enters the order total in the fast entry screen. When entering the tax code, the gross and net value is calculated automatically. The voluntary additional information includes descriptive texts, the warranty period or the contract type (e.g. blanket or framework agreement, commissioning based on HOAI or VOB)

Einbildtransaktion der PROMOS Schnellerfassung Bauaufträge
Single-screen transaction of PROMOS fast entry for construction orders

Further information

  • Evaluation and analysis: In connection with the PROMOS contract and contract supplement management, construction orders can be analysed with their original order and the corresponding supplement values as well as important dates and guarantees. This function also supports and simplifies the processes of making changes, such as in the form of supplements, and displaying construction contracts.
  • Process control: The additional configuration and use of an easysquare workflow for construction orders can support order and value-based checking and releasing by different people responsible, and prevent construction orders from being sent until the required releases have taken place.
  • Customisation of the entry screen: Using customising, fields that are not required can be hidden and, at the same time, other fields can be shown as required.
  • Enhanced account determination: The maintenance and selection of different G/L accounts for a WBS element can be enabled by activating account determination in PROMOS customising for the output options

Your benefit

Greater efficiency: Construction orders can be recorded via a user-friendly screen with very little effort and in considerably less time compared to the standard SAP® system.

Quality assurance and improvement: As initial account assignment can be controlled in the background via customising, this prevents incorrect account assignment and thus errors in cost assignment.

Transparency: Fast recording of orders allows the project controller to keep track of current budget depletion at all times.

End user

  • Site managers / assistance
  • Technicians (among others)
  • Project managers / assistance
  • Purchasers
  • Ordering parties

Technical requirements

  • SAP® MM
  • SAP® PS

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