Portfolio No.: 9304-02
Subject: Maintenance

PROMOS Insurance Claim Management

All data in one place

Processing insurance claims often involves dealing with various service providers, appraisers and experts as well as communication with the insurance company. To help you manage all information centrally and coherently in your SAP® system, PROMOS has developed an insurance claim processing tool for you. This is an enhancement of OpenPromos® Service Notification. The central element of the tool is a fast entry screen for reporting insurance claims. Within the screen, you can assign multiple maintenance notifications and maintenance orders to an insurance claim, so that the overall total of the insurance claim can ultimately be viewed easily and conveniently.

To create an insurance claim in SAP®, the user can search for the tenant, property address or functional location using the easy and convenient search function on the fast entry screen. After selecting the functional location, the screen provides clearly presented information regarding the defect history of the functional location as well as the building or the accounting entity. The user can now enter information on the defect including a long text for the claim and the anticipated extent of the defect. As an option, the anticipated extent of the defect can be determined automatically via the defect code. If available, attachments such as appraisals or photos are attached to the notification. To make subsequent processing of the insurance claim easier, contact data can also be stored on the screen, such as the estate agent, insurer, expert, affected party or the investigating authorities. New maintenance notifications and maintenance orders can also be generated from the insurance notification.

If the insurance notification has been created, all the assigned notifications, contracts, orders and invoices as well as the status of the insurance claim can be displayed. It is also possible to create claims against the insurance company and tenant credit memos for invoices of the maintenance commissioning assigned to the insurance notification.

The analysis of the insurance damage claims lists all fields for the insurance notification and information from the assigned documents (e.g. maintenance notifications, maintenance orders, invoices, etc.).

SAP Erfassungsmaske für Versicherungsschäden
Entry screen for insurance claims
SAP Maske zur Auswertung der Versicherungsfälle
Analysis of insurance claims

Further information

  • Connection possibilities: The solution can easily be connected to the PROMOS Insurance Portal or the AVW insurance portal.
  • Simple communication: A chat function between the PROMOS Insurance Portal and the insurance solution in SAP® is provided via easysquare workflow, which makes communication much easier.
  • Customisation: If required, the solution can be adjusted in line with your individual requirements by adding new fields and inspections, for example.

Your benefit

Seamless system integration: Insurance claim processing is integrated easily and conveniently into regular maintenance commissioning using OpenPromos® Service Notification.

Holism: The insurance notification groups all commissioning for an insurance claim.

Transparency: The solution ensures transparency and quick access to all the relevant information.

End user

  • Maintenance technician (usually an insurance claims specialist)

Technical requirements

  • SAP® ERP
  • OpenPromos® Service Notification

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