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Subject: Maintenance

PROMOS Maintenance Contract Management

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Do your real estate objects have lifts? If not, then your apartments certainly have heating systems that need to be checked continuously to ensure that they are in correct working order. Regular maintenance measures aim to keep wear and tear of your technical devices and systems to a minimum and thus ensure that your properties hold their value. As external companies are usually commissioned with maintenance, the services to be provided have to be defined in a binding manner in the form of contracts. For problem-free management of your maintenance contracts in SAP®, PROMOS provides you with maintenance contract management.

PROMOS maps maintenance contracts comprehensively in SAP® via real estate contracts. Credit-side contract data is maintained here. The specific maintenance contracts are presented via integrated PM contracts. Information regarding apportionability is also entered, allowing automatic integration into the service charge settlement.

Recurring services can be mapped in different SAP® objects. For example, cleaning services are in the real estate service contract of the RE module, monitoring may be in the order as a contract in the MM module and the technical maintenance is in the maintenance plan of the PM module.

PROMOS allows you to integrate the maintenance contracts in a specific tab in the real estate contract. This has the advantage that, due to the direct allocation of the accounting entity, all processes and data, such as the contract start date and end date, individual termination and renewal rules and key data for the vendor contract partner, can be called conveniently from real estate management. At the same time, multiple functional locations for the technical building equipment (e.g. the lift system) can be allocated to the maintenance contracts. You also have the option of using maintenance planning in SAP® to monitor scheduled dates and coordinate scheduled maintenance.

Allocation and settlement

To perform settlement of the services, the orders are recorded with information relating to the allocation, i.e., settlement units. This allows the maintenance costs to be integrated into the utility statement. Here, a distinction is made between the costs for wages, materials and non-apportionable costs (maintenance).

Each functional location in the maintenance contract represents a PO item in the order, and the information regarding allocations is also transferred to the order. The annual amounts are preconfigured via a periodic invoicing plan and proposed during invoice entry. Using the invoicing plan, you can automatically generate invoices or payments if required.

Wartungsvertrag im PROMOS Wartungsvertragsmanagement
Maintenance contract

Further information

  • Customising: Individual accounts, account assignment or budgets can be taken into account via a customer exit.
  • Analysis: The PROMOS solution provides you with your own analysis in which all maintenance dates can be displayed.
  • Process integration: The maintenance dates are notifications that you can integrate into your easysquare processes as an option.

Your benefit

Transparency: The high level of integration of the solution into existing SAP® modules improves transparency in the long term from various perspectives, including real estate management and maintenance.

Efficiency: The pre-filling of data and the solution’s clever system integration allows for greater efficiency when checking and posting the invoice and enables automated integration into the utility statement.

Reduced effort: During invoice posting, the amounts and the account assignment for the accounting units are proposed independently, which thus minimises the manual work steps.

End user

  • Servicing
  • Maintenance

Technical requirements

  • OpenPromos® Service Notification (OPSN)

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