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PROMOS Tender / Award / Settlement

Digital from end to end – the integrated SAP® solution for the online tender, award and settlement processes

The tender, award and settlement process standardises the methodical approach in construction project processes, from technical planning and cost calculation through to settlement. Appropriate software for this process must therefore meet various requirements with regard to the functional scope, binding nature, ease of use, data protection and much more.

The PROMOS software solution for online tendering optimises the tendering processes to achieve a process optimisation in SAP® for tender management as well as through the integrated interfaces. Bids are depicted in SAP® using purchase requisitions and a special bid comparison is available. Bids can also be submitted via the easysquare craftsmen portal or GAEB files.

The PROMOS tender, award and settlement tool allows the tendering and award process to be managed and controlled efficiently and smoothly, supporting you comprehensively with the process implementation, from service specifications right through to awarding contracts.


The PROMOS tender, award and settlement tool supports requests as well as offers in SAP® for tendering construction work. This means that services and suppliers from the system can be used. Important dates (e.g. submission deadlines) and people responsible can be maintained centrally.


A variety of functions are available for selection, including the assignment of a group of bidders either from the vendor master or without a master record, as well as the creation of a price comparison list. The easysquare craftsmen portal and the GAEB interfaces extend the functional scope; for example, to generate requests, import offers or record prices. Bidders can record their offers in the craftsmen portal and download or upload GAEB D83/D84. Exchange in paper format and manual entry are also possible. Correspondence for requests or a price comparison list can be printed at any time.

Awarding contracts

If a contract is to be awarded, the PROMOS solution can be used to commission the work and generate framework agreements (EPA catalogues). The easysquare craftsmen portal is also available to you for this purpose.

PROMOS AVA-Tool: Angebote erfassen / importieren in SAP
PROMOS tender, award and settlement tool: preparing / importing offers

Further information

  • Interfaces: The PROMOS products GAEB interface and easysquare craftsman portal can be integrated into the process seamlessly. This allows you to exchange the service specifications and offers / prices efficiently.
  • Process control: The tender can be integrated into easysquare workflow as an option.

Your benefit

Efficiency: The PROMOS tender, award and settlement solution allows for an efficient process with integration into the easysquare craftsman portal.

Synergy effects: Services, service specifications, craftsmen portal vendors and framework agreements can be re-used. The services and prices are used for contracts via the craftsmen portal.

End user

  • Procurement
  • Maintenance processing

Technical requirements

  • SAP® MM

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